Do You Act Your Age?

Ever since I was a teenager…

No, check that.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been told to “act my age”. I know that as my son grows older that I’ll be saying those very words to him (and, thus, my dad will somehow channel through me).

I’m turning 40 this year and I can say without a doubt that I do NOT act my age. I never have and I don’t think I ever will.  That’s not to say that I’m not mature.  I don’t bring a whoopie cushion to work or pull non-stop pranks on friends and family.  But I am at a stage where my daughter is thoroughly embarrased to be seen with me in public, ESPECIALLY if I’m with Sunshine.

In fact, one of the glorious things that makes our relationship so amazing is that we’re both so much alike in our zaniness. 

EXAMPLE: We’ll be standing in line at the grocery store when we’ll start “jaw-jacking” back and forth. She’ll tell the cashier that she doesn’t know who I am and that I’ve been following her around the entire store.  I’ll respond with “Worst first date ever”.

All we’re trying to do is elicit a reaction from the cashier and those within earshot.  And sometimes we’ll have a conversation like that without anybody even paying attention to us.

Maybe that makes us attention whores (well…we do blog, after all), but it totally makes us immature.

OR DOES IT??  Does having fun immediately mean that you’re immature?

If we joke around that one of the dancers at the strip club we visited on Friday looks like a post-op trannie, does that make us immature?

If we hear a song while walking through the mall that we like and we both spontaneously break into spasmic dancing like we’re Elaine from Seinfeld, does that make us immature?

If we sit back and watch new episodes of Beavis & Butthead and laugh hysterically (“Hey…is this Real Housewives of Detroit?”), does that make us immature?

If we use “That’s What She Said” on a daily basis as if it were just a normal part of life, does that make us immature?

Well…if it does, then I NEVER want to grow up.


What say you? Do you act your age?


7 thoughts on “Do You Act Your Age?

  1. LOL I am giggling at your comments Sunshine and CBG 😉 I have an inner 12 year old like WHOA inside and I so don’t act my age sometimes either. I think we are only as old as we feel, right??

    1. I love knowing that neither Sunshine nor I feel very old at all. I sometimes forget just how old I appear to younger people sometimes.

      I was at a basketball game last night and was rapping to some of the songs being played because they were “old school” (ex: Jump Around, U Can’t Touch This, etc). The kids sitting next to me thought I was insane.

      Whatevs. Eff ’em.


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