My “Long-Distance Relationship Bucket List” for 2012

Last year, Sunshine came up with a dual blog-post idea for the two of us. Here is the idea…

  1. We each outline 10 things that we want to accomplish in the next year as a couple.
  2. Share our lists via our blogs.
  3. Get out there and make each other’s dreams come true!

So without comparing notes of any kind (her post can be found here), here is my list of things (in no particular order ) that I would love to do with Sunshine in 2012:

1. Go to Maine to visit Jobo. We’ve been blogger friends with Jobo for awhile now and us visiting her almost took place last fall.  Well, the wheels are in motion and we’re going to see if we can really make this happen in 2012. Sunshine and I deserve a vacation, and what better way to relax than to meet a blogger friend in the beautiful state of Maine? Hopefully we can make this actually take place.

2. Enjoy the Saint John waterfront in the summertime. The last time Sunshine and I visited Saint John we were attacked by a fog monster. I know that the waterfront there, while not as awesome as Halifax, is supposed to be quite excellent in and of itself. I’d like to experience that.

3. Attend Farmer’s Markets in both Saint John and Fredericton. Sunshine and I love going to farmers’ markets. While we have a special place in our hearts for the market in Halifax, we really loved our last visit to the market in Saint John and can’t wait to go back to visit again. And where we both lived in Fredericton back in the 90’s (just down the street from each other, no less!), we would both love to go back and see what their farmer’s market has to offer.

4. Do a half-marathon together. Now I’m not going to be able to run a half-marathon like Sunshine did back in October, but I have an exercise goal of walking a half marathon at some point during the year. And she has already told me that she’d love to walk it with me, so that’s definitely something I want to accomplish in 2012. For me, the guy who NEVER exercised his entire life and wondered how he suddenly got overweight once he stopped smoking and entered his mid-30’s, actually walking a half-marathon will have a lot of meaning…knowing that I’m finally taking control of my life in a healthy way so that I can live to see my children grow old.

5. Attend a live play or a musical. We could have said that we did this while on the cruise ship last March, but realistically speaking…the entertainment was too cheesy to count as a REAL play or musical.  I’m a huge fan of live theatre and it’s been way too long since I last saw something. I don’t think Sunshine is much of a fan, but I’m hoping we can watch something at some point during the year because there always seems to be something going on in her city to watch.

6. Attend a concert together. Again…we could have cheated last year and considered the entertainment on the cruise ship as “a concert”, but it REALLY wasn’t. Obviously, it’ll be tough to try to match-up our schedules with a concert that we both want to see…but after missing out on such diverse acts as Prince and Platinum Blonde over the past couple of months, I’m really eager to see a concert with her in 2012.

7. Go to at least 5 restaurants that we have never been to before. We easily accomplished this last year and, quite honestly, I can’t wait to do it all over again. It’s one of those “small things in life” that we experience together and enjoy a lot.

8. Go to a strip club. Funny enough, this one might be the first one to be crossed off of the list. I think the conversation started last fall when I noticed a lot of signage around her city for a particular adult entertainment establishment (the only one in the city, actually). She casually mentioned that she wouldn’t mind going to the establishment with me at some point, which made me a VERY happy camper who was even more impressed at just how awesome his girlfriend was.  And after reading a certain person’s own list recently, Sunshine got the idea to casually suggest it as an option of “something to do” this upcoming Friday night.  Ummm…hell yeah I jumped at that idea!! 

And for those who would like to “live vicariously” through this unusual dating experience, I shall be Tweeting from the adult entertainment establishment on Twitter: @CanadianBaldGuy

9.  Go to a GOOD drive-in movie. We actually got to see a couple of movies one night at a drive-in during the summer, but the only problems were (1) the movies weren’t any good and (2) the theatre was about two hours away from Sunshine’s house…meaning it was around 2am by the time we got home and we were DEAD tired.  There is a drive-in only 30 minutes away from my house, so hopefully we can schedule something over the summer.

10. My mystery pick.  I think Sunshine has an idea of what this could be. I think long-time readers of this blog have an idea of what this could be. At some point…at some time…something is going to happen this year.  That’s all I’m willing to say at this point. I guess it’s all the more reason to stay tuned!


14 thoughts on “My “Long-Distance Relationship Bucket List” for 2012

  1. I love both of your lists!! Just read them both and have a HUGE ASS GRIN on my face that visiting me in Maine is on both of your lists!!! That is so aewsome! And we definitely, absolutely, have to make this happen. And I will be tuning in to your strip club experience…this is AWESOME! (and I gotta figure out when M and I will go too…hehe.)

  2. Nice! And I’m jealous! I wanna go to Maine and meet jobo too!!!!! Y’all let me know when and, depending on how my new biz is going, I just may have to swing by. 🙂

    So excited for this list and the fun things you guys have planned. I love it. And yes, I’ll have to tune in on Friday night too. Can’t wait!

    1. I’m going to have to renew my passport, but I suppose that’s an extra $80 expense I’ll just have to eat in order to hang out with awesome blogger friends while on vacation in Maine with Sunshine!

      Oh…and the fact that all of the bloggers are hot chicks has NOTHING to do with my decision.


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