What I’d like for Christmas…

Y’know, I told Sunshine straight-up not to get me anything this year for Christmas. Financial times are tight and there’s more important things that we could be spending money on than each other. I mean, we’ll be waking up in each other’s arms on Christmas morning…what else could we possibly ask for?

Well…I decided to come up with a few things:

1. A light show like this for my own house!

Okay…that might be asking a little too much. I mean, the lights alone would cost a small fortune…not to mention the computer software required to match it all up with the music.  Oh…and my neighbors may not be overly thrilled about it, either.

Hmmm…what else could Sunshine get me for Christmas?

2. Assistance in becoming a champion!!

Wow…maybe not. While I may be an expert in the field, becoming a “champion” is just REALLY creepy.

Okay, how about…

3. A Lamborghini!!!  Well maybe not a brand new one, but I hear that there could be a deal on this particular model.  No?  That’s fine. I was thinking about getting a new computer monitor anyway. Just don’t send it via FedEx…

Wait…I’ve got it!!

4. A bedazzled toilet brush.

I mean…why not? I could use a bit more color in the bathroom.

But there’s gotta be something else that would be easy to get for me…

5. A penguin that brings me the newspaper every day.

What…too much hassle to train? 


6. Ummm…okay. I’ve found the perfect Christmas gift and it won’t cost you a single penny, Sunshine.  The only problem is it’s a bit awkward to come right out and blog about it.  So without saying anything else, how about I let the song speak for itself:

🙂  Have a great Christmas everybody!!


2 thoughts on “What I’d like for Christmas…

  1. Ha! What an um, variety of items here 😉 the bedazzled toilet brush is awesome. I might need one. Kiding. Kind of. What, no forever lazy on your list??

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