My Fantasy Football Team: Week 15

The dream is over for yet another season.

I came close,  but the Broncos v Patriots game ended up ruining my visions of a fantasy football championship for yet another year.

Y’see, Brady ended up doing what he’s been doing all season…throw for touchdowns and yardage and get me over 20 points in a game (he got 27, actually). The problem is that his number one target all season long, tight end Rob Gronkowski, broke the record for touchdowns in a season last weekend and I assume they just wanted to spread around the love a bit more.

So tight end #2 for the Patriots, Aaron Hernandez, ended up getting over 100 yards receiving and a touchdown on Sunday…where Gronkowski only ended up with 53 yards.

I guess none of this would have been so horrible if my opponent hadn’t started Hernandez for his own team.


And to add insult to injury, Willis McGahee ended up injuring his hamstring and only ended up with 70 yards.

Put all of that together, and you have me losing in the semi-finals.

So while I had high hopes at the beginning of the season, it all boiled down to one game. Oh well…I guess I have the chance to finish third with a “consolation” match next weekend.  Still…I’m going to hear it from my boss at work, who was the team I lost to.

Here’s to next season…


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