Fun Music Friday

Yesterday was a pretty brutal day.  I need to find a way to enjoy today.

The plan is to take the afternoon off (I’ve got one half-day left at work and it doesn’t fit into my schedule for the rest of the month, so I’m taking it today), send out Rugrat’s Christmas gifts via courier to Ontario, finish doing some laundry, wrap some gifts, and then pick up Ankle Biter for a great weekend together.

To help kick off my “planned good day”, I’ve decided to turn to what almost always seems to help lift my spirits…music.

I’ll start off with a song that, for the past few years, has given me great joy during the holidays. It’s a rockin’ take on a Christmas classic…

Do you remember Aqua? That whole “Barbie Girl” song from 10 or 12 years ago? Well…they’re back this year. Being a former DJ who used to really enjoy their music, I just had to check them out. While the video’s a little bizarre, I’ve found that the song has been played repeatedly on my iPod as of late. Close your eyes and see if you agree…

As some of you may know, I’ve been watching both the US version of X-Factor and the original UK version at the same time. Recently, a former contestant (Olly Murs, a runner-up in 2009/2010) debuted a new single alongside the Muppets to promote both the song and their movie. As much as I enjoyed their performance, I think I like the video a bit more. It’s not the rock I normally listen to, but it’s the guy’s fourth #1 single in the UK and I think it’s catchy as all get-out…

Here’s the backstory on the band of this last video: The lead singer was on Canadian Idol in its second season and ended up third (he had been my pick to win it all). The show was only on the air six seasons before it was canceled for low ratings and I don’t know of any other contestant (or winner, for that matter) who has done anything of note since it started in 2003 (actual Canadian album sales of the contestants here).

But Jacob Hoggard immediately went and created a band called Hedley once the show was over. In the years since, I’d dare say that Hedley has become the number one Canadian band over the past five years or so (Nickelback excluded). If I had to make an American comparison, I’d say probably Good Charlotte without the pretentiousness.

Anyway, this last video gets to me for some reason (probably because I’m a big softy). It’s one of those “inspirational” type videos, but it’s done quite well. Check it out…

That’s all I got today. Hopefully, if these songs didn’t make you smile then I hope you can find happiness in whatever music you decide to listen to. Just make sure you find the time to smile today…you’ll thank yourself for doing so.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


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