My Fantasy Football Team: Week 13

Since I haven’t really been myself lately, I almost forgot to discuss one of the guilty pleasures that gives me (usually) a bit of joy each and every week…fantasy football!!

And really, I should have been stoked to brag about my winning weekend because it not only guaranteed me a spot in the playoffs, but also got me a first round bye!

Okay…admittedly, my division was HORRIBLE…but to still end up first in my division with the second most points overall made me a happy little camper.

I really was happy with the performance of Brady, not so much for his overall numbers but for his constantly finding Gronkowski in the end zone. I mean, 24 points for a tight end?? I really think this guy is close to breaking some tight end records this year. He’s been absolutely phenomenal this season and has definitely been my top “sleeper pick” of the year.

And thankfully my running backs totally bailed-out my wide receivers, who turned in a MISERABLE performance (seriously Gaffney…no points at all???). In addition, another great performance from David Akers just helped me enough to get me one more win.

And as I said, the win ended up getting me a first round bye…

So now I have to look ahead to next weekend. I’m scheduled to play either the Head Hunters or the Greasy Wheels. I’m not overly concerned about either team, to be honest…so I think I’m in pretty good shape. The big thing for me will be match-ups.

Brady and Gronkowski face off against the Denver Broncos. While their defense has been pretty solid over the past six or seven weeks, it hasn’t been stellar and I think the two Pats might give me some points.

Hillis goes up against Arizona, McGahee goes up against New England, Ahmad Bradshaw against Washington, and Sproles goes up against Minnesota…so I’m pretty confident that my three running backs will get me some pretty decent points as long as they stay healthy.

My HUGE question marks come from my receivers. I’ve got Jabar Gaffney taking on the Giants, Laurent Robinson and Miles Austin vs Tampa Bay, and Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson taking on the Jets.  Wait…how in the blue hell did I end up with four receivers from two teams? 

I could pick up Johnny Knox (who takes on Seattle) or Damian Williams (who takes on Indianapolis) as they are two awesome match-ups…but I don’t know if they would be better than the stars I’ve already got.


Either way, I think I’ve got a shot at getting into the finals. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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