The Joy of the Season Begins

As I mentioned on Friday, I feel like I’m going through a bit of a transition at the moment.  I don’t know if I’d go so far as to call it a “moment of clarity”, but to recognize that I am not myself in almost every aspect of my life and seeking help for it has to be seen as a positive step in the right direction.

So this past weekend, I did my best to accept happiness into my life.

I had my son this weekend and we made it as joyous as we could. It started off Friday night with our Christmas tree. It’s certainly not what I would envision as my “ideal” tree, but it’s not a “Charlie Brown” tree, either.

I let Ankle Biter decorate the tree himself. Nick-knacks and do-dads and ornaments of all shapes and sizes were placed in his hands to set wherever he liked. There was no rhyme nor reason…no set pattern to follow. All that mattered was the smile on my son’s face and the joy we got to share together.

Saturday morning saw us attend a work function at the local indoor amusement park. My employer rents out the park twice a year…once for employees and once for families…and this was the family event that just happened to fall on the weekend with my son.

We ate from a buffet breakfast at 8:30am. We went on the rollercoaster (his first time!!) just after 9am. At 11:20am we stood in line so he could get his picture taken with Santa. He didn’t really feel like talking with him or telling him what he wanted for Christmas, rather appeared to just want the photo op.

Many rides and many games and a Santa “tattoo” later, and we finally made our way back home over five hours after arriving. I gotta say…it was a long day, but sharing it with Ankle Biter made it all worthwhile.

After we had supper, we decided to make some Rice Krispie snowmen. Now I was originally going to trying building a gingerbread house, but between my lack of kitchen ability and his lack of liking cookies, I thought that this was a better choice.  I found the kits at the local Winners and had the option of going with the snowmen or the Christmas trees. I went with the snowmen.

He helped stir in the melting marshmallows…

He spread the icing once the snowmen were set in their mold…

He then “painted” the snowmen with whatever happened to enter his imagination at the time.

Something so simple, yet so undeniably satisfying. I mean, how can you deny the all-too-cute results?

I, for one, had never done anything but eat a Rice Krispie square before…so this was an extremely challenging (and slightly scary) thing for me. I wanted to not only make this work, but I wanted to look good in the eyes of my son. Thankfully, both goals ended up being accomplished.

All-in-all, it was a joy-filled weekend. Unfortunately, I don’t know if this joy is true or if the feelings are just masking what lies underneath…but I truly believe that things can eventually change as long as I continue on the path I’m on.

Whether I’m ready or not, bring on the holidays.


2 thoughts on “The Joy of the Season Begins

  1. A Chrsitmas tree that has “no rhyme nor reason…no set pattern to follow” is the only way to truly do a Christmas tree right!!! It looks like he had so much fun. Good for both of you!
    Never seen those snowmen Rice Krispies…but I’m headed out to look for some. So fun!

  2. I love the Christmas tree, fun day & sweet snow men! Let that joy just BE, without analysis of its reality or covering up something. Joy doesn’t need definition. It just is.

    This post made me smile.

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