Movember, Fantasy Football, & Snowblowers

As the month is coming to an end, I couldn’t be happier to be getting rid of this moustache. 

Seriously…with the exception of one $20 donation from a friend on Saturday, I’ve had only grief from Movember.  Sure, it’s been fun…but I look ridiculous. Even more than that, Sunshine thinks it’s horrendous.

I can’t tell you just how emasculating it is to be in the throes of passion and have your significant other burst out laughing in your face because she can only picture you wearing a sombrero.

NOT good.

So needless to say, I’ll be back to my “normal” CBG look sooner rather than later.


With one more weekend left before the playoffs start, I really needed a victory this past weekend in order to stay up front in my division.

Thankfully, that victory came and I’m back to being 6-6 and first in my (admittedly weak) division:

Tom Brady came through (thankfully) and I got another outstanding performance from Dallas receiver Laurent Robinson, who has been a fantastic pick-up in the absence of Miles Austin.

With the standings the way they are, I need next weekend to be a victory to not only solidify my playoff spot, but to also get a first round bye in the playoffs.

I’ve got some really favourable match-ups, too:

  • Both Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski face the hapless Colts (who should really just lay down in this game…if for no other reason than to give me a ton of points).
  • Dallas faces an anemic Arizona secondary, so I think Robinson will have another solid outing.
  • Willis McGahee will be running against Minnesota, who have given up the 11th most points to running backs this season.

My only question marks are with the possibility of injured players returning:

  • Peyton Hillis appears to be back after this past weekend but faces a really tough Baltimore run defense.
  • Jeremy Maclin might be ready against the Seahawks, but it’s not looking good.
  • Miles Austin might be ready for the Cards, but that’s not looking too good, either.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw might be ready for the Packers, but even if he is the Pack have a strong front line so it may not be a great play.

So with Jabar Gaffney playing against a solid Jets secondary, I need to either find another receiver or hope that the rest of my team comes out to play. 



A good friend of mine (he actually was the MC at my wedding reception) recently put a snowblower on Kijiji, which is kind of the Canadian equivalent to Craigslist only without the creepy adult ads.

Anyway, so my friend is a very creative guy. He likes to write as a hobby and has a sense of humour that I’ve always enjoyed, but not everybody “gets”.

Last week he wanted to sell his snowblower on Kijiji, so he wrote a pretty creative ad hoping to stick out from the rest of the ads and grab somebody’s attention.

At last viewing, he was up to over 400,000 views.  Yes…almost half a million views (the record for any one Kijiji ad is 500,000 so he’s definitely got that within reach).

As of yesterday, he had:

  • multiple radio interviews
  • multiple newspaper and web interviews/stories
  • a few television interviews (!!)
  • over 50,000 re-links to the ad on Facebook

In addition, he had over 1,400 emails (!!) that included:

  • job offers
  • requests for dates
  • requests to teach people to write ads
  • marriage proposals (!!!)
  • some speculation as to whether he was running some kind of scam
  • and buried deep, deep down, even a few actual offers to buy the snowblower

So as yesterday came to a close, he had finally sold the snowblower. After discussions with Kijiji, they have allowed the ad to remain up due to the heavy traffic. It’s been an unbelievable one-week viral whirlwind.

This is the type of story that you couldn’t hope to create if you really tried. That’s what makes viral so fun most of the time; normal people doing abnormal things that make the rest of the world interested.

Believe me…I would LOVE to be able to write something like that and get that type of response. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been highlighted three times as Freshly Pressed on, and that has been great for readership.  But 400,000 views and 1,400 responses??? I can only imagine the web-traffic that could generate going forward.

Want to read what the hype is all about?  Please…click on the picture below to enlarge it, sit back and relax, then soak in the fun ramblings of a creative writer who simply wanted to sell his snowblower.

I feel like I’m part of a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon situation, only I’m only one degree away from a Canadian internet celebrity!!


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