10 Things Making Me Smile Today

I’ve been in need of a smile lately. Badly.

So I spent some time last night looking around for reasons to smile and laugh and try to get my swagger back.  Trust me…it didn’t take long to find ten things and I ended up smiling a lot.

Hopefully you will, too…

1. Apparently November 17th was “Facebook Unfriend Day”. I had no idea, but thanks to Jimmy Kimmel and Biz Markie…now I know (and so do you!):

2.Tebowing.  Y’know, I’m not the biggest fan of Tim Tebow in the world, but I think the dude is a winner and I can appreciate why the NFL goes all crazy when talking about it…whether it be negative or positive. And while I initially thought that “Tebowing” was a ridiculous concept along the lines of “planking“, the sheer global span of this silly NFL-based photo-meme has got me pretty impressed.

You don’t have to “get it”…but you can certainly sit back and smile at the nonsense of it all. Just check out some of the places world-wide that “Tebowing” has been documented:

The Coliseum in Rome
Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
Leaning Tower of Pisa

3. I’ve never been a very active kind of guy (shocker, I know), so even the thought of “parkour” is way beyond what I’d ever be capable of. But just try to sit back and not be absolutely blown away by what this young man is able to do with his body. It’s simply incredible:

4. Ummm…this made me laugh out loud at work today. Crude but funny.

For the record, I LOVE Sunshine's cooking!!

5. You all know that I’m a slight fan of the camera.  I can only wish that I had the patience to take a picture of myself every single day not just for one year, but for over FOUR years.  This is simply awesome…

6. Trust me…the $39.50 price tag seems a bit steep and it’s not within my budget, but knowing there is a CARBONITE CARRYING CASE makes this Han Solo flash drive pretty effin’ awesome.

7. I may have mentioned once or twice before that I not only love the US version of the X-Factor, but I first started watching the UK version of the X-Factor (the original show that inspired American Idol) last year and have continued to watch it this season, as well. During last season, one of my favorite performers was a spark-plug named Cher Lloyd. She was young and original…singing and rapping and was completely different than anything else I’d ever seen or heard.

She didn’t win the competition but was the first to come out with a hit single (the winner’s single didn’t do quite as well). Because I’m not up to date on the UK pop charts as much as I should be (insert sarcastic smiley here), I didn’t know that the single was released back in July and only heard it last week for the first time. I gotta be honest…I may be 39 but I’m absolutely LOVING this song. To me, it’s like a younger, newer version of Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” without being that annoying.

8. Ummm…I don’t care who this is or why it’s there. At the end of the day, there is NO REASON why a Buzz Lightyear toy should be up somebody’s ass. At all.

9. Listen…I’m not the biggest Nickelback fan in the world, but I am, indeed, a fan. I know that everybody and their dog (seemingly) hates them because it’s the “cool” thing to do, but I really enjoy their music and to me that’s the bottom line.

They are scheduled to perform tomorrow night during the big Green Bay / Detroit Thanksgiving NFL game at halftime, and there has been a TON of backlash from NFL fans.  So Funny or Die decided to try to take advantage of the situation. 

And really…why not? You gotta check it this:  NICKELBACK RESPONDS!

10. And finally there’s me. Seriously…most of the day I forget I even have this bloody moustache on my face. Then I go to use the washroom and get startled when I look in the mirror. It’s fun, it’s silly, and it’s ridiculous.

So what about you? Anything out there helping YOU smile today?


11 thoughts on “10 Things Making Me Smile Today

  1. (LOL Sunshine, that made me laugh). These posts crack me up with the random stuff you find, Buzz Lightyear…wow. I’m smiling today because it’s almost Thanksgiving which also means a long weekend 🙂

  2. Tebowing.. that’s news to me.. pretty cute though.. it’s better than owling… thanks for the smile! I love websites like damnyouautocorrect.com and reading people’s blogs… that always cheers me up or gives me a laugh.

  3. Hi just to let you know,Cher has her 2nd single out for some time now it’s called “with your love” and matt Cardle the winner of x factor last year debut single did really well and was number one for christmas here last year and some weeks after,

    1. Well…aren’t all the X-Factor winners #1 at Christmas? I thought that’s when they release their singles in the UK.

      But Cardle hasn’t done anything since that I know of (and that first single was really lame).

      I actually saw Cher perform “With Your Love” on X-Factor a few weeks ago. I like the song a lot…it’s a great follow-up. I think she’s gonna be an international star eventually, she’s that good.

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