Movember: Second Update

Is this thing over yet?

Seriously…this moustache is really getting out of control.

When last I updated you on the status of my Movember mo, things were filling in nicely. I wasn’t a huge fan of growing it, but I figured it was only going to be for a month and then it’ll be gone.

Here is how things have progressed since…

By Movember 11th, the hair was growing to the point where I could see it without using a mirror.  Mind you, I needed some assistance to do it:

By the time Movember 12th came around, I was really thinking that this was going to be a good thing. I mean c’mon now…it’s looking like it’ll be a pretty bad-ass stache!

By the time I spent my first Movember weekend with Sunshine, she didn’t seem too impressed at all:

Still undeterred after the weekend, I was telling myself that this was going to be great!!

At this point, Sunshine had come up with a new nickname for me. She figured since I looked like an 80’s porn star, I should have an 80’s porn star name.  Thus, the introduction of BUCK COCKMAN!!!

By the time Movember 18th came around, hairs were flying all over the place and it was becoming a bit uncomfortable to wear.

As of today, the stache is still there and I’m still not really thrilled with it. It’s big…it’s bushy…and to be 100% honest, I can’t wait for the month to be over.

I’ll do one more update on where my Mo stands before the month is over, but in the meantime if you feel like donating to a worthy cause, please feel free to check out my Movember website:

I never thought I’d want December to get here so quickly….


3 thoughts on “Movember: Second Update

  1. Haha! I love the updates! The ‘stach looks pretty good, but I bet it is annoying and prickly, even. (could that be considered a twss?!). Only about a week to go!

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