My Fantasy Football Team: Week Ten

I was REALLY torn up about this weekend’s results.  I mean, on one hand I won the fantasy match-up and got my team back up to .500 which, crazy enough, puts me at 2nd place overall in my pool (I’m first in a division of under-performers…the other division has a lot better teams).

However, my fantasy team performed well at the expense of my favorite NFL team, the Jets.  Y’see, I had a feeling that my Jets were going to struggle against the Pats so I benched their defense in favour of Detroit…who also had a brutal game but at least got me 3 more points than the Jets would have.  And in beating the Jets, Tom Brady FINALLY broke out of his slump and threw like crazy. To make things better, he threw like crazy to my favorite TE and his, Rob Gronkowski.

What would have been a HORRIFIC fantasy weekend turned out okay thanks to the 48 combined points of those two individuals. Because honestly…my team COMPLETELY under-performed. It was scary, actually.

So here I stand at 5-5 with Week 11 on the horizon. Maclin’s hurt, Austin’s hurt, and Hillis is hurt. Better still, both Brown and Sproles are on a bye week.

Needless to say, next weekend is NOT looking promising.


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