Now That We’ve Found Love

The world of celebrity is full of crazy nonsense at the moment and only proves that the internet is a wild and wonderful place.  But after writing this post, I think it’s obvious I need to get out more…

1. Dang it…I hate being at the age where artists I’ve enjoyed over the years end up passing away. It really sucks. Heavy D was only 44 years old and planning a new album and a comeback, so it’s very disheartening to learn of his passing.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t post my favorite song of his (and one of my all-time favorite hip-hop songs)…

2. Somebody tell me why Kim Kardashian (or ANY of the Kardashians) are popular beyond belief?  I mean, she is only known to anybody because she made a sex tape with a rapper (who was actually more popular than her at the time)…and now TMZ is following her every frickin’ breath because she wants out of her sham-only-for-money-and-publicity wedding? I just don’t get it. If she wasn’t so slutty, nobody would know who she was right now (or Paris Hilton, for that matter)…nor would they care.

3. I got quite the kick out of this video. I gotta say…this has never happened to me on a first date.  Or a second.  If fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever come right out and asked for one.  My loss, I’m sure.

4. Justin Bieber’s got his first paternity lawsuit.  Awwwwww…how cute.  I’m actually kind of torn on the whole thing. I mean, he’s taking a DNA test to prove he’s not the father and then plans on suing the accusor “to show there are consequences to making false accusations.” So in that regard, I say good on him for showing the crazies out there that people can’t just make up claims about celebrities in order to get their names in the paper or have a chance of making contact with the celebrity in question. 

But on the other hand, if he (as a 16-year-old kid at the time, mind you) actually took this girl (who was 19) into the washroom after his concert and banged her for 30 seconds before dumping her and moving on to the next concert as she claims, then as a dude I just gotta say…

I’m only kidding, people. Relax. Don’t hate me.

5. Conrad Murray found guilty of causing Michael Jackson’s death. Good. Here’s the thing…even if he somehow wasn’t found directly responsible for Jackson’s death, it’s glaringly obvious that everything he was doing for him (i.e. administering anasthetic privately in somebody’s home) was illegal in itself. So I’m just glad that they found him guilty of something because the guy has to pay for robbing the world of the greatest musical talent of my generation.

6. Sure…the video isn’t always in sync and there are probably better videos out there, but the fact that this was done in (almost) one take over the course of only one hour is quite impressive. Seriously…try watching this and NOT smiling at least once.

7. I take that back. Try watching THIS and not smiling at least once.


6 thoughts on “Now That We’ve Found Love

  1. Now I have that Heavy D song in my head. It is a goodie, so that’s ok. Sad to hear that too. The BJ video, wow, that’s nuts. Can’t imagine that actually happening either!

  2. Actually CaNook, while it does seem glaringly obvious, the fact is, he didn’t do anything illegal by administering Propofol to MJ at home. There is no law against it.

    That’s kind of sad in and of itself, isn’t it?

    1. Well…it’s glaringly obvious that it SHOULD be illegal, especially if he a serious professional violation by administering the drug without proper equipment, which was the case here.

      I guess, though, that the jury found that while administering the drug itself wasn’t illegal, doing what he did certainly caused Jackson’s death.

      I’m just glad he was found accountable for his actions.

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