Bald Guyz for bald guys

I get asked to try products and review things all the time and I normally say “no” to everything.  About a year and a half ago I was asked to try some products specifically designed for guys who enjoy the bald look (not necessarily “balding” guys). Since this directly appealed to me, I decided to try them and ended up really enjoying them, so I decided to leave a banner on my blog. Other than the initial four product samples, I wasn’t paid for anything…I just felt the product was really good.

I was considering getting rid of it a few weeks ago. I mean, my readers (for the most part) aren’t bald people so I wondered what the point to keeping it after a year even was.

Then I got a comment from “Brian” asking me about shipment costs to Canada being extremely high.  I figured this would be the end and I’d dump the banner…after all, I’m Canadian first and foremost so if this product can’t be shipped here for a reasonable cost, then why bother?

I sent an email to Bald Guyz and got a response less than 24 hours later (you can see the reply in the comments below). Not only was I impressed with the customer service, I was also impressed with their resolution to the issue.

So here again is the initial post I made over a year ago telling fellow baldies about this pretty sweet product line.


I got an email awhile back asking if I’d be interested in promoting a line of products designed for bald men.  I gotta be honest…I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to just throw an advertising banner somewhere on my main page for the sake of just doing it.

So I told them that I wasn’t entirely sure I’d put a banner on my blog without at least trying the products first.

I received a box of Bald Guyz products in my mail just over a week ago. As I took the products out of the box, I was still a bit unconvinced that these products would actually work.

It’s been a week of trying out the products and here is what I’ve found:

The “Clear Shave Gel” is giving me the smoothest shaves my head has ever had.  Period. Even Sunshine noticed this past weekend when she rubbed my head 24-hours after I shaved it and said she could tell a noticeable difference.  So that’s definitely a plus.  I have found, however, that my head has been breaking out a little bit more than it usually does.  I don’t know, though, if it’s the shave gel or one of the other products…but in the interest of being a fair reviewer I thought I’d at least mention it.

Now this product is pretty interesting. I’ve been using it as an “after-shave gel” once I’m out of the shower and my head has been shaved.  For guys out there that shave their heads (especially in the shower like me), they can sometimes find that the skin can get very dry once out of the shower.  I really find this gel works great.  So well, in fact, that I’ve even used it in some cases around my face where it’s become extremely dry and it has really worked great.  It’s a bit sticky…kind of like aloe gel, but I’m definitely a fan.

I gotta be honest…this is one I’m not 100% sure of. Am I supposed to wash my head before or after I shave it?  The directions do not specify.  And it’s a clear and runny liquid, so I find myself having to be extremely careful with it upon opening.  Because it’s such a runny liquid, I don’t find very much lather happens when I apply it to my scalp…but maybe that’s not necessary with this product.  So I’m not going to say it’s great, but I’m not going to say it sucks, either.  I’m using it and will continue to use it until the container is gone…so maybe it’ll grow on me.

As it happens, I can only wish that I’ve been able to use this product more than I have because the weather around here lately has been TERRIBLE!  But let’s face it…an SPF 30 specifically designed for my bald head has GOT to be a good thing.  I’ve absolutely been the victim of a head-burn before and it ain’t pretty.  In fact, I remember driving around in a car with a sunroof for about 20 minutes a few years ago and STILL got a sunburn…so this product will definitely get some use over the summer.

Okay…so here’s the bottom line.  I like the products.  I’m not going to just say that because they sent them to me because I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that.  So I’m placing one of their banners on my site.

And yes, I realize that not a lot of guys read blogs…but if you want a quick little gift for your bald-headed significant other, please click on the banner below and pick something up.  The pricing is extremely reasonable and these are products I would buy again in the future.

So thanks to Chris for the opportunity to review and promote Bald Guyz products on my blog.  I’m now a happy consumer.


10 thoughts on “Bald Guyz for bald guys

  1. Is there a Canadian distributor/reseller for this product?
    The shipping charges to Nova Scotia are insane – for a $17 order the shipping was estimated at over $60.

    Would love to try the products (especially the sunscreen), but not with that kind of shipping cost.

    1. I honestly don’t know. They sent me their products (some of which I still have and use) on their own last summer, so I didn’t know that the shipping would be so much.

      I’ve just emailed them, though. If they don’t have a Canadian distributor for their products, or if they don’t have a way to get more reasonable shipping costs to Canada, then I’ll have to stop placing their banner on my site and will remove this post.

      While I really like the products and I’m sure shipping within the U.S. isn’t so bad, I’m a Canuck…and if it’s not working for a Canadian, it’s not going to work for this blog.

      Thanks for letting me know about this, Bryan. I’ll post another reply as soon as they get back to me.

      1. Thanks for the quick response, hopefully you’ll get a favourable reply from them. I’m currently trying out the HeadBlade products, but their SPF product does not seem to be readily available in Canada either.

        1. This was the response I just received:

          Hi Todd,

          We do not currently have a Canadian Distributor but I do have an idea for handling Canadian Sales. We can have the customer place the order online and we will review the actual order and compare shipping costs to determine the
          cheapest. We will email the customer and provide the reduced cost. If they agree we can adjust the credit card charge and ship the order. If they do not agree we can cancel the order.

          We have found that we can save a great deal of money on each order.

          If this sounds good to you, just go to their website and use the “Contact Us” form to email them about your impending order.

          I appreciate their quick reply and the resolution sounds fair to me.

          Good luck with your order. Like I mentioned earlier, I still use the products (especially the sunscreen during the summer) so I totally vouch for the quality.

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