For those not in the know, Sunshine is running a half-marathon this weekend in Prince Edward Island. We’re packing up and heading out first thing tomorrow morning and it should be quite the experience.

Sunshine’s pretty nervous/excited/scared about the whole thing, though. What she’s feeling…I can’t grasp so it’s been difficult over the past couple of weeks to be supportive in the way that I have wanted to be.

She ran a full marathon a few years ago (before we met) and runs multiple times each week…so I’m not sure why she’s so anxious about this particular one. From what I can gather (and I’ve talked to some other people about it, too), the stress seems to be a runner’s “thing”. Sunshine is REALLY wanting to beat her time from a few years ago but is totally wigged out about not being able to do it…even though she’s in much better physical condition today than she was then.

I feel a little odd…not really sure what I should be doing. So I’m going to do whatever I can to support her this weekend.

I’m going to tell her that, realistically, the time of the race SHOULDN’T matter because 99% of the population can’t even run a marathon to begin with.  I’m going to tell her that she’s already run a half-marathon during her training over the summer…FOR FUN…and that her body won’t let her down this weekend. I’m going to do the best I can to follow her and meet her at various check points so I can root her on.  I’m going to be there waiting for her with a camera and a big-ass smile once she crosses that finish line.

I’m just going to be there for her the only way I know how. I’m just hoping it’s enough because she deserves all the support in the world.

Good luck, Sunshine…though you’re TOTALLY not going to need it.



7 thoughts on “Support

  1. Aw, baby….thank you so much. You’ve been a great support to me over the last few months as I’ve been training. Just knowing that you’re rooting for me means a lot.

    All I really need is to have your sweet smiling face at that finish line.

    And maybe a massage on Sunday night. :-p


  2. If I could physically be there for both of you, I would! So, instead, I’ll send all of the positivie energy I have your way! I’ll be looking forward to tweet updates!

  3. Gentleman Jack is the same way when I’m working towards a triathlon. Thankfully, he’s now been to a few and knows how I am so he’s pretty good at calming me.

    He watches the kids during the race, making sure they don’t “mommy” me too much. He makes sure I’m fed well and hydrated the night before. He brings post-race snacks because he knows I’ll be starving (and so will the kids!). He keeps enough distance the morning of too… because he knows I have to put my game face on. He reassures me when he sees my nerves taking over. He makes sure I don’t have to think, about ANYTHING, except the race. Breakfast is ready to go. He even ran my shower for me last time!

    The point is… it’s nerve wracking. No matter how many times you’ve done it in training, it’s not the same as being timed and having the crazy competitive energy all around you at the starting line. Imagine you’re doing something you’ve always done, like… getting dressed in the morning. Now imagine that someone is timing you and other people want to finish getting dressed before you. Yeah. That. NERVE WRACKING.

    She’ll be fine but nerves do get the best of you. So, be patient if she’s touchy and emotional over the weekend. Give love and don’t take anything personally. And yes, if the woman wants a rub down, by golly, get on it, boy!!

  4. awww!!! you are SO sweet CBG, I love this little tribute of support for Sunshine. I am right there with you – whatever time she crosses, she will be AWESOME, she will (hopefully!) be proud and she will once again, be a half marathoner. I can’t wait to hear all about it and I will be cheering her on from the virtual sidelines 🙂

  5. great! my wife started to jog just recently and she is aiming to join a 10km run soon. It’s been more than a week and she hasn’t missed her daily run. I will run beside her on her first half marathon. I guess that would be the best support I could give her

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