My Fantasy Football Team: Week Five

This is going to be a new weekly post that’ll go up every Tuesday once my fantasy stats are finalized.  It’s obviously directed to the chosen few awesome people in the world who follow the NFL.


My fantasy football team’s been gettin’ smoked over the past two weeks and I don’t know what to do about it.

I started off 3-0…dominating my opponents in a way not seen in a millenium (okay…that’s kind of a slight exaggeration).  Then I dropped one to another undefeated team.  No big deal, right? I’d bounce back this past weekend against the only 0-4 team in the league.



So here I stand at 3-2. I could claim that the bye weeks have hurt me, but this upcoming weekend the bye weeks strike again as I lose Washington (supposedly the #1 WR on the Titans now that Britt’s gone for the season) and Tolbert (who had such a great first two weeks but now seems to be placed on the back burner in San Diego).

And while my fantasy team would show otherwise, I really I dislike the Patriots (I’m a Jets fan). I benched the Jets defense because I thought Brady would “go to town” like he did in one of their match-ups last year (he didn’t). I thought that the Pats defense would accumulate more points than the Jets defense (they didn’t). I thought Gronkowski would (again) score way more points than my back-up TE, Greg Olsen (he didn’t).  Hell…after weeks of double-digit points I finally put Darren Sproles in my starting line-up and left Willis McGahee on my bench in the thought that he’d score more (he didn’t).

Would I have won my weekend anyway? No…so there’s no sense in complaining about my management skills (or lack thereof). I’m just wondering what in the world I need to do in order to get my team back on the winning track.

On paper, I’ve got a much better match-up this weekend with the return of Miles Austin from injury and also Peyton Hillis coming off of a bye week. On paper, this shouldn’t be too difficult of a battle.

Let’s hope I can get back into the win column. I’m still first place in my division, but I truly believe I’ve got a team that could run away with this thing. I just need them to start playing like they should.



4 thoughts on “My Fantasy Football Team: Week Five

  1. Just found you on Freshly Pressed thanks to your post about education…but I immediately clicked over to this one because I am a fantasy football junkie. Today, I am sitting at 0-5 for the first time in my history of playing the game and I am disappointed to say the least. My team is full of underperforming, should-be studs…but excuses, excuses i guess. Anyway, if you’re gonna be doing a weekly FF piece, I’ll be checking it out!

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