The first day of school…ever.

Thankfully, I’ve got a pretty decent relationship with my ex-wife…so when I told her that I really wanted to be there for Ankle Biter’s first day of kindergarten, she was more than accommodating.

I met up with her and AB at 8am, just as he was ready to head off to his first-ever day of school. To say that he was excited would be an understatement. He had been looking forward to this day since he was first given a tour of the school back in the spring and this day couldn’t come soon enough.

We had to take some photos (naturally!) of his first day of school outfit. The problem was that he wasn’t overly thrilled with the first outfit he had on, so he ended up getting changed with only 10 minutes to go before we had to leave. I think the decision was a good one, though…

Yeah...this was a good choice.

It was too funny as the ex and I were snapping away furiously with our cameras and Ankle Biter soaked it all in…smiling and posing for the both of us like he was a supermodel at a red carpet event.

He couldn’t wait to show off his new lunchbox to me. And I have to admit…I was pretty impressed with it.  In fact, if I actually had one of these lunchboxes I would take it to work.  Sadly, I’m quite serious.  I mean, it’s a STAR WARS lunchbox…how cool is that??

I won't show you each one, but there were three pictures taken of Ankle Biter with his lunchbox, as there are different pictures on each side. This one, obviously, is the cool side. How awesome is it to be able to have lunch with Darth Vader? I'm totally jealous.

So we threw on his new hat and were finally ready to make our way to school.

I can't lie...I think the ex does a great job in picking out clothes for Ankle Biter. I'm lovin' that hat!!

The rain coming down outside may have dampened everything, but it certainly didn’t dampen Ankle Biter’s spirits on this morning. He almost ran up the hill to get to the school grounds.

"Yes...we're almost there, buddy."

We walked around to where the kindergarten area was (they have their own entrance). We were told to look for the big green door. We found it and both the ex and I were (still) snapping away furiously with our cameras…wanting to document each and every moment, no matter how small or insignificant.

"Guys...can I please go to class now??"

Finally inside, we found a spot for him to hang up his jacket before going into the classroom. We took pictures of him getting ready, but I really don’t  think you need to see those. I mean, he was showing off his new white-soled sneakers and hanging up his jacket. We realized that we were starting to border on being pretty silly with the whole thing, but we didn’t care. We just wanted to document his first day in any way that we could.

We met his teacher and the few students that were there.  Y’see, for kindergarten class they broke up the new students into smaller groups that returned on three separate days (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday) with the thought process being that (1) the kids wouldn’t get overwhelmed and (2) the teachers could try to bond with the kids in a smaller setting before all of them appeared for an “official” first day on Friday.

Ankle Biter immediately went to a table with blocks and began to build. He seemed a bit shy with the other kids but I’m sure that will change over time. I was actually impressed with just how fast he was building things…

At this point, I'm sure he thought his parents were the strangest people in the world. I mean...they're just blocks!! What's with the pictures, people?

And so we left.

Because he wasn’t upset or sad, we didn’t get upset or sad. In fact, I don’t think he could wait for us (and our cameras) to go away so he could enjoy school for the first time (lol).

I was a proud papa yesterday. I’ve got one heckuva great kid and I was able to participate in an experience that I didn’t get to enjoy with my daughter…and I certainly didn’t want to take the moment for granted. This, to me, was a big deal…and I’m happy to say that I was able to enjoy it 100%.

Father & Son...first day of school: 09-08-11

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