She leaves today

I haven’t been blogging much lately because life has just been so bloody busy.Work has been insane and life in general has been very hectic with having two kids around instead of just one.

It’s due to slow down significantly as my daughter flies back home to her mom’s later today.

It’s been quite the trip…

  • She arrived back on August 7th and was with me for the first week as we had an incredible vacation with Ankle Biter, Sunshine, Kiddo, & Mo.
  • She then spent the next three nights with my dad, his girlfriend, and my little brother. Basically, she wanted to play video games with my brother…so that’s what they did.
  • She was back with me for two nights before spending a week with her grandmother (i.e. her mom’s mom).
  • I picked her up last Friday night, where she and Ankle Biter spent the weekend with me.
  • She went back to her grandmother’s on Monday and I picked her up last night.

Unlike last year (even she recognized that she “was a diva” and pretty difficult to deal with), this year she has been courteous, polite, thoughtful, and overall a pretty impressive 12-year-old (with the occasional exception here and there).

Last night was fun. After picking her up, I was concerned that she’d simply put on her iPod and sit there for the 40-minute drive back home. Instead, we talked the entire time (well…SHE talked the entire time) and we decided that I would take her anywhere she wanted to go for a late supper.

We first hit the local pawn shop so she could pick up a game for her new Nintendo DS that her grandmother bought her ($5 – $10 each…quite the bargain). Once that was picked out and she tried to show off her “mad game skills” knowledge to the young sales dudes behind the counter, we went to Boston Pizza.

She talked non-stop.  And you know what?  It was awesome.

She talked about gaming…she talked about music…she talked about friends…she and I then had quite the in-depth discussion about the impending zombie apocalypse and what our weapons of choice were. I explained why my baseball bat was a bit better than her tire iron (though her reasoning made perfect sense and gave me pause…lol) and I think she was just a little bit impressed at knowing I already had a plan in place.

We came back home and chillaxed for the night…preparing for another long break in seeing each other. It’s my turn to fly her in for Christmas, so where she has taken every last cent out of me (her grandmother said that she’d have to take second mortgage out of her home…lol) I gotta start saving now! She missed the visit last Christmas and I don’t really want to have her miss it again.

So this morning will be us sitting in a room with her on the laptop…furiously typing away to get as much computer time as possible before going home (where there is no computer). We’ll go out to the airport for noon and she flies out at 1:15pm, at which point I need to prepare for my long weekend with Sunshine.

Overall, it’s been a good trip. We’ve had a few unusual discussions (we even had “the talk” about boys…which turned into “the talk” about boys AND girls…seriously) but I think when she has focused, we have ended up bonding more than I had expected. Could it be more? Absolutely…and I want to make sure we continue to bond.

She’s growing up FAST…and I just want to be there for her in whatever way that I can. I’ll absolutely make sure I tell her that before she goes, too. She deserves to know that she is loved.

And it also comforting to know that I’ve got two amazing kids…each extremely different from the other but really similar in that you can see ME in both of them. At the end of the day, I guess I can’t complain about that.


4 thoughts on “She leaves today

  1. I love that! I love that she’s making an effort to show you who she is. Sooooo great.

    Very proud of you, CBG. You’re a great dad with awesome kids. Keep it up!

  2. Must be very tough to say goodbye to your daughter each time.
    Can’t even imagine how it feels to have a child
    live ata distance.
    I admire your strength as I know I wouldn’t be able to
    handle that.
    Glad she had a great summer vacation with you all!

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