Try This

About ten years ago I worked in a call center for AOL Canada. I was one of those guys on the other end of the phone whose job it was to try to talk you out of canceling your dial-up internet subscription.

Yeah…I was one of THOSE guys.

I hated the job, but I did what I could with the job I was given. There was a lot of training involved from the very beginning (I eventually became one of those trainers, too) and, honestly, a lot of the things being taught made a lot of sense.

AOL’s browser provided a lot of content to people (the website still does, actually) and the idea was to try to educate people on the phone about how the content was worth the extra money it cost for a monthly subscription (around $24.95) vs. just having an internet provider (easily found at the time for $16.95 or less).

We were taught to do our best not to say “no” to the customers. Instead, we were supposed to let the customer know what we COULD do for them vs. what we COULDN’T do.  When I turned my life around a few years ago, one of the things I did was take that frame of thinking and apply it to my life.

I don’t like to dwell on what I don’t have in my life. I don’t like to think about the things I’d like to do but can’t. I do my best to not let negativity weigh me down because life is simply too much fun when you’re in a positive mindset.

I have dreams that will never be fulfilled. Most of those disappeared with the unexpected (but WELCOMED) birth of my son and the eventual dismantling of my marriage. I went into a funk for quite some time after that because I didn’t know who I was or who I was supposed to be.

I eventually began changing my dreams to fit my life.

Life has presented more than its fair share of twists and turns. That’s really what makes it interesting though, isn’t it? I mean, it’s not just “coping” or “dealing” with life that helps you get through…it’s answering the question, “What are you going to do with your life NOW?”

I could be weighed down on a daily basis with all of the things that aren’t going well in my life. I could wish for things to change and I could always focus on what I don’t have.

I refuse to do that.

The next time you’re sitting back and wishing for things that you don’t have right now, try reveling in the things that you do have.  And I mean TRULY loving what you have.

The next time you’re looking at how life isn’t exactly what you want at the moment, try taking the necessary steps to actually change it.

Now I’m not saying that life can be instantly perfect, not by any means.  But nobody is stuck.  Nobody is truly in a place that they cannot escape from or change to make better.

If you want to change your life, you can. 

You can begin by letting go of the thoughts and feelings and wishes that hold you down and make you feel like life isn’t what you want. Sitting and wishing for things you cannot have at the moment isn’t going to do yourself or anybody that you love any good.  Instead, you can analyze the life that you currently have and work new dreams and wishes around it.

Life is out there for you.  It’s yours for the taking.

What you do with it is entirely YOUR CHOICE.

I choose to look at the positive side of life and how that can help me smile on a daily basis. Try this yourself…you’ll be amazed at the results.


3 thoughts on “Try This

  1. Well done, CBG. I’ve got a huge grin on my face reading this because I needed to hear it today. I’ve had a tough week perspective-wise, for no good reason and seeing something so positive, so inspiring and so TRUE is what I needed. I like this side of CBG 🙂

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