And so it concludes…

Vacation Day Eight…

7:39am – For the first time this trip, Sunshine and I were up and awake before the kids. I don’t know who is more excited about going home today…us or them. Heck…I wonder which one of us is more excited to go back to work>

8:05am – Sunshine just told me that she really didn’t want to go back to work tomorrow.  I told her that I really did.  I guess that answers the above question.

9:16am – Most of our packing is done. Just a matter of finishing up and lugging everything out to the minivan. Thank goodness for the minivan.

9:33am – Rugrat just fed a squirrel peanuts out of her hand. Rabies?  Sure.  Still pretty cool? You betcha!!

1:18pm – The minivan is gone. LONG story…but at the moment I’m driving the car I’m actually paying for, so it makes a bit of sense. My dad listened to my tales of plopping $90 into the tank for the same mileage I got from a $60 fill-up with my previous car and decided it would be better to switch vehicles today before doing my 5+ hours of driving.  On one hand, it SUCKED to have to re-pack the car for two separate trips as opposed to one packing of the minivan.  On the other hand, it’s AWESOME to know that what I’m driving is so bloody fuel efficient.

1:20pm – My daughter is spending the next three days with my dad and her cousin. I guess I get a couple of nights off…not that I needed it. I think she’d rather be with someone her own age (he’s 17, she’s 12 going on 21).

2:04pm – Just dropped off Ankle Biter at his mom’s. He’s been amazing this week…just a great little kid.

8:17pm – I am absolutely exhausted!! The girls are being put to bed now. I honestly don’t think Sunshine and I will be too far behind. 


All in all, I can’t say this was a bad vacation.  Sure, there were moments…but those moments were overshadowed by the love and happiness that we all shared as a family. Those moments were learning experiences that will help us become better life partners.

In fact, I’m glad that we had some rough times because they truly make me thankful and appreciative of the amazing bond we share 99% of the time.


4 thoughts on “And so it concludes…

  1. Correction – that’s a chipmunk 🙂 or a ‘chippy’ as I like to call them! I love chippies! I feed them on the deck in Maine all the time. They are so cute. Okay, that was a tangent. Your vacation sounds like it did go well, for the most part! That is great! though I bet you feel like you need a vaca from your vaca 😉

  2. Yes, I was going to say chipmunk too! 🙂

    It sounds like everyone could use some rest from that week but yes, you guys definitely came through with smiles and lessons learned!

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