And so it shines…

Vacation Day Seven…

9:24am – The kids have already eaten breakfast and have run off to the playground to enjoy the day. This is the first day we’ve seen a gorgeous sunny day since we arrived on Day One. We’re pretty happy with this turn of events.

10:03am – Okay…so the two youngest have already made their way back to the camper. Sigh. Oh well…they’re playing with toys and Rio is playing on the radio. #goodtimes

10:26am – We were just told that today is the only “Kids Games Day” that the campground has all year. I had NO idea.  Well…cleaning up and out the door.  These kids are going to enjoy some fresh air and sunlight if it KILLS them!!

11:16pm – There are face painters, hot dogs, ice cream, and prizes!!  Sometimes I wish I was a kid again.

Sunshine took this great pic of Mo. What a great shot!
Sometimes you don't want your face painted, but your arm will do.
With prizes down and face painting completed, it was now time for my favorite part of the morning...the food!!
OMFG...I had no idea Rugrat was going to get this much ice cream. Holy crap that thing was as big as her face!! And what's worse, she ate the whole effin' thing!!!

1:33pm – Lunch is over and the kids are back outside playing with bubbles. I think Ankle Biter just slipped a “mommy” out when talking to Sunshine.  They made out like bandits as the campground had prizes for all of the kids. Then they had hot dogs and ice cream for everybody. Quite impressive from a parent’s perspective and the kids had a lot of fun. We’re just getting a quick breather before heading up to the pool…along with 3/4 of the campground, I’m sure.

Ankle Biter on the see saw.
Sunshine took this awesome picture of Kiddo. Love this!!
And of course we need our obligatory self-portrait!!

3:24pmSigh. Listen…I’ll be the first to admit that I detest public swimming. The pools are just bit buckets of germs and for me it’s just gross getting into them. I still do it because Ankle Biter’s unable to swim on his own yet and he also can’t get his ears wet after getting the tubes put in them a couple of years ago. So whenever we’re together…when he goes, I go. Today I really didn’t want to go, but I did because he wanted to. We got in and he went down the toddler slide and right into my arms. He immediately went to sit on the stairs and watch everybody else.

I stood there…getting splashed, watching “things” float by, getting bumped by some random children…and after about five minutes I asked him if he wanted to go swimming. He said “no”. I started to get up and told him that if he wanted to go into the water to let me know. As I started to leave, he started to go into the water.  I asked him if he wanted to go swimming again and he said “no”. So we went over to Sunshine (who was sitting on the sidelines enjoying the rays) and she could sense my frustration.

Being the awesome “other half” parent that she is, she talked to Ankle Biter and found that when he’s with his mom on vacation, they go swimming in the ocean together and she lets him go by himself.  Obviously, the ocean isn’t quite the same as a pool…so the rules are different and he was as frustrated as I was at the situation.

We both tried one more time to go into the pool. He and I tried floating around a bit, but he didn’t want to do that today. He climbed up the toddler slide again but froze…literally. He was cold and didn’t want to go swimming anymore.

So here I sit…watching Kid vs Kat inside with a tired little toddler while the sun beams away on the rest of the world.  Oh well…we’re cuddling so I guess things could be a lot worse.

6:21pm – Supper is over and we’re watching Night At The Museum. It’s still a good day but I think we’re ALL a bit tired.

8:44pm – Sunshine and the kids are all still outside, being aided by their glow sticks. I’m in the camper…my own little “fortress of solitude”. I’m not one for the outdoors and I’m certainly not one for mosquitoes, which are in large supply in this area. It’s all good…they’re enjoying themselves and I’m having fun watching them. Plus, you can’t really beat the sound of a child’s laughter.

Bubbles in the dark!

9:46pm – Ending off the vacation with a late night watching America’s Funniest Home Videos. The kids might be wound up now, but where they’re all so tired they should be sleeping soon.  Definitely a fun time to the end of the week.


2 thoughts on “And so it shines…

  1. Holy crap that’s an ice cream cone!

    It’s tough spending a week with four kids… TRUST ME ON THIS. I understand losing your cool every now and then. I always try to remember that kids will be kids and this is a temporary situation. Best to enjoy it to the fullest! After all, when do WE get to act like kids too! 🙂

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