And so it endures…

Vacation Day Five…

8:53am – The tensions are a bit high between Sunshine and I. We’re civil, but woke up this morning the same way we went to sleep last night. We’re getting ready to go to the indoor amusement park with the kids, Crystal Palace, but it’s just slightly uncomfortable at the moment. I really hope things change between us as the day goes on.

9:15am – It’s funny how a hug can change one’s perception on everything. I think today is going to be a better day.

2:14pm – We just completed a whirlwind fun time at Crystal Palace. The kids had a fantastic time and so did Sunshine and I. We’ve reconnected and the day has been really great so far.

How great??

This is Mo & Rugrat about to go on the swings. This would be the first of about a BILLION times they would go on this ride. If you look very closely, you can kind of see the makings of a smile on Rugrat's face.
Mo and Ankle Biter try out for the latest "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie.
A slightly happy Ankle Biter inside of one of the rides.
Kiddo couldn't contain her happiness at ringing the bell on the train. Seriously...she rang the hell out of that thing until the ride was over.
Sunshine inside of one of the rides overlooking the swings below.
Yeah...even I had to jump on a ride with Ankle Biter and enjoy myself just a little bit.

5:13pm – Just finished watching The Smurfs. I gotta say…I liked this movie. With the exception of a small Guitar Hero scene that was a bit over-the-top and unnecessary, I thought it was a cute movie that really did a lot to play into the Smurf history. Hank Azaria was amazing as Gargamel, too. If I had any other criticism, it’d be that I really didn’t care for Papa Smurf’s voice…but that’s more because I grew up with a different voice on the original cartoon and kinda wanted something similar.

10:15pm – As the day ends and the kids are all asleep, what I can say for sure is that today was a really good day. Not only did the kids have fun, but Sunshine and I reconnected extremely well. I think that’s the power of our relationship…the ability to go through some tough times without them escalating into something that we’re unable to recover from.

With only three days left to our vacation, I’m really looking forward to how things end.


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