And so it goes on…

Vacation Day Three…

7:39am – We’re all awake and the weather forecast has changed since last night. It’s going to be cloudy all day today and then more rain tomorrow. It looks like Friday is our day now for hitting the water park. Sunshine and I are gonna scramble a bit to figure out what to do today.  I think family bowling or going to the movie theatre might be in the cards.

11:40am – BOWLING!! We decided to take the kids to the local bowling alley. Luckily for us, there was practically nobody there so we had some room to ourselves. I gotta say…we had a pretty good time. The black lights were on and the dance music hit for the kids and the bumpers were up on the lane. Good times were had by all.

Ankle Biter waits his turn as Rugrat keeps score.
Kiddo using her unique delivery.
Ankle Biter eyes his next shot.
Mo was the star of the day. She kicked some major tail for a 6-year-old.

4:02pm – So as the afternoon wore on, we all decided to hit a local playground.  I mean, the sun wasn’t out but it wasn’t raining, either…so we wanted to take advantage of whatever non-rainy weather we could. As Sunshine and I were sitting with Kiddo, both Ankle Biter and Mo were running around on the playground (Rugrat was sitting in the van…watching in solitude and listening to her iPod). For whatever reason, Mo found a small apple on the ground and placed it on a stick.  While waving it around I heard the following as she yelled over to me…


Needless to say, Sunshine and I absolutely lost it.

Here are a few other pics from the playground…

Kiddo thought it'd be fun to get into the baby swing. Then she got stuck. Then she frowned. Then Sunshine and I laughed and laughed and laughed....
This is Ankle Biter on the playground before tripping and bumping his head. I always get nervous when he's climbing on parts of a playground that are meant for older kids. Then I realize that he's quickly becoming an older kid. He's growing up so quickly...
Kiddo had a ball that was actually a globe. She and Sunshine had a game where they would roll the ball to the other person (who would have their eyes closed) and whatever country their finger landed on would be a country they would discuss. It was fun to watch because Sunshine is such an amazing teacher to her kids and Kiddo is such a smart girl.

7:21pm – After supper, the kids went to the playground to run wild for awhile. It didn’t take long for Ankle Biter to hurt himself for the second time today. I guess he’s just being a boy, right?  Anyway…he was tired and didn’t want to play anymore with the girls so we kinda chillaxed together a bit on the couch and I put on Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone, which he absolutely loves. This will come into play as the evening continues…

8:15pm – A little later than I had planned, but I got Ankle Biter into the bathroom so we could have a shower in anticipation of tomorrow’s portrait.  Well…he decided to lock the bathroom door on the way OUT of the bathroom, thus locking ourselves out of it. After about twenty minutes (and me frustrating Sunshine in the process), I finally got the door open by taking the door handle off completely and re-attaching it. Funny to look back on now, it was REALLY frustrating at the time.

8:38pm – Because Harry Potter was already playing, neither Mo or Kiddo want to get a shower and miss a single second of the movie.  It’s just bad timing, really. I took too long to get Ankle Biter in the bathroom and then the other incidents that caused the delay…they’re totally into the movie now and are giving Sunshine a hard time. Totally my fault.

10:20pm – I’m realizing that for whatever reason, Sunshine and I aren’t nearly as close as we’d like to be. The kids are finally asleep (we think) but we’re too tired to talk, much less get any closer than that. I don’t like that. We’re usually a lot more intimate. For now, I’m just going to chalk it up to how couples normally get when camping with four children…at the end of the day, they’re just exhausted.


2 thoughts on “And so it goes on…

  1. Cute pictures! Love the last one w Sunshine in it, pretty smile, as always. As for not feeling as close, I am sure part of it is just that – the kids, trying to keep everything under control etc. It’s not your typical weekend together, alone. Hope the week keeps going pretty well!

  2. I love the pics! Sounds like fun. Love Sunshine’s globe idea. That’s something I’d TOTALLY do with my girls.

    Yes, AnkleBiter will get hurt. He is being a boy. Don’t DOTE when he does. Allow him to feel whatever he wants to feel and then get over it on his own. Trust me on this. Don’t commiserate… encourage!

    And of course you guys aren’t going to feel close. A week vacation with the kids always leaves Gentleman Jack and I feeling like we need another vacation with just the two of us. (This is why single parenting is a GOOD thing for a relationship. Time off!) Just enjoy your kids and squeeze in a snuggle or hand holding here and there to let the other person feel the intimacy despite the chaos.

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