And so it continues…

Day Two of our family vacation…

8:29am – Sunshine and I got to sleep in a little bit this morning as the kids didn’t get us out of bed until after 7am. As of right now, they’re all playing and things are pretty tame right now.  I say that because it is absolutely POURING outside and has been all night.  The extended forecast isn’t looking too good, either.

9:58am – It’s pretty awesome to sit on the couch while the kids are coloring and all singing along to “The Lazy Song“. It’s quiet…everybody is still getting along even though the weather isn’t co-operating…and there are moments when Sunshine and I are just looking at each other and smiling.  Almost want to play the song again.

11:05am – “Grampy Joe” just dropped off a toy for each grandchild and some chocolate snack foods. The kids are tremendously happy…Sunshine isn’t thrilled (lol).

11:34am – My little brother just picked up Rugrat for the day to hang out and play video games.  She was bored here with it raining and all, so it actually works out.  I’m just surprised that my brother…the kid who loves being alone in his room…wants to hang out with a girl who just a year or two ago got on his nerves at the drop of a hat. Interesting how this vacation is working out thus far.

12:59pm – Lunch is done and it’s raining even harder out there.  It’s absolutely POURING outside. I think we’re going to take the kids to either Wal-Mart or the dollar store in a few minutes so they can buy themselves a treat or two with their vacation money (i.e. $10 each). It’ll at least keep ’em occupied for a bit. We don’t want to rely on the television for the entire week because of the rain.

4:02pm – Back from the mall, the dollar store, AND the grocery store.  My nerves were starting to fray a bit by the time we hit the grocery store.  Thankfully Sunshine and I have a tendency to counter-balance the other when we’re starting to get a bit on the “tense” side…so she was there to help me out.  Then, by the time we got back to the van, Ankle Biter said that he had to go to the washroom.  Sigh. Yes…I realize I was the exact same way when I was a kid.   😛

6:20pm – After a really great supper (BBQ’d hamburgers & turkey burgers), the kids were still REALLY wound up but still they wanted chocolate (yikes). At this point they are all showing they have the ability to “chillax” by playing some card games with each other. Once Sunshine and I feel that they have sufficiently calmed down, then maybe they can get some chocolate.  Maybe.  Heh…

7:03pm – Well…it took THREE VOTES, but a movie was finally agreed upon.  While Yogi Bear wasn’t everybody’s first choice, the two tie votes pretty much negated the first four movies.  I almost called in a random kid from another camper to choose for us.

8:55pm – We’re all pretty tired and ready to hit the sack.  It looks like Sunshine’s a little stressed and I think I may be the  cause of some of it.  I don’t think I blew up today, but I got frustrated a couple of times.  That’s normal for parents on vacation, isn’t it?  Maybe not…maybe it’s just me.  Regardless…I just need to try harder tomorrow. The forecast has changed slightly and we might end up hitting the waterpark a day early.  I dunno…we’ll have to play it by ear.


4 thoughts on “And so it continues…

  1. You have a lot of time on your hands to be able to count the exact minutes of your day! I chuckled at the 4:02 and 9:58edness of your post…Then, as a mother of five, I realized that all those minutes count when you are dealing with 5 (or 4 kids)…Like you, mine are bewteen the ages of 4 and 11. I count seconds, and when the laundry has to be done, I double dip into the minutes of something else…ie fold laundry while cooking supper…nanoseconds, baby, nanoseconds…and wine.

  2. I WANT RAIN!!!! I would LOVE for it to be pouring down here!!!

    Sounds promising thus far! So excited! And yes, I think it’s normal to lose your cool when trapped with 4 kids in a camper… but awareness is good!


    Now get everybody in swim suits and go play in the mud and rain!

  3. Frustration on vacation is normal, yes. It’s how you two deal with it together that matters. 🙂 Hoping for some sunshine (the real ray kind) for you all!

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