And so it begins…

Well…the first day of vacation went by without any major incidents.

We picked up Sunshine’s two girls and off we went to pick up Rugrat at the airport.  Driving a minivan may be BRUTAL on the wallet, it’s awesome for a family.  We popped on Tangled and the girls were mesmerized for the rest of the trip.

My ex was in town earlier than expected and actually was able to drop Ankle Biter off at the airport so all of us could meet Rugrat at the same time.  It was a very cool experience for me once we all piled into the minivan as a group for the first time.

After grabbing a quick bite to eat at my house, we head off to the Bulk Barn. The idea is that when we have a “sundae night” (or “sundae LUNCH” knowing how hyper the kids get with sugar), they were going to be able to use toppings that they picked out themselves. It was fun watching the kids agonize over chocolates and sprinkles and confections of all kinds. Let’s just say that when we have our “sundae lunch”, I’m very much looking forward to seeing what the end results look like.

BBQ pork chops were on the menu for supper. I gotta say…my BBQ skills aren’t too shabby. Of course, by the time I had finished cooking the meat and Sunshine had completed the vegetables it was 7pm…but we’ll get the timing down soon enough.

The kids separated and played different games (Scrabble, an Ice Age board game) without arguing or fighting or whining or complaining. Seriously…Sunshine and I were really impressed with how well the kids got along on Day One. Mind you, it’s only Day One.

The biggest surprise of all was Rugrat. While she’s still a teen with a ton of angst, she was awesome.  Her attitude was a good one…she offered to help…she said please and thank-you…she didn’t whine or complain all day.  She really surprised the both of us.  Again…it’s only Day One but we were both pretty impressed.

So all in all, no complaints. With the weather looking REALLY bad through most of the week, though, it’s going to be quite the challenge for all of us going forward.

Wish us luck!!


5 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. What a beautiful daughter you have
    (actually ALL the kids in pic are super

    If a family vacation goes perfectly,
    then something’s just plain wrong!
    (Lord knows when we were kids we fought a
    LOT on vacations, and heave grown up to still
    be an incredibly close family as adults!
    Didn’t scar us one bit ! 🙂

  2. Good luck guys, I’m so giddy for you all! And CaNook, your daughter gets more grown up looking and more beautiful every year!

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