My Daughter’s Arrival

I can’t really tell you just how excited I am at the moment knowing that in a little over 48 hours I’ll be picking up my daughter from the airport.

Yes, Rugrat is coming to visit me for four (count ’em…FOUR) weeks!!  Mind you, she’ll be spending at least one of those weeks with her grandmother (i.e. her mom’s mom), but the fact that she’ll be here for an extended visit has got me very excited AND a bit on the nervous side.

My daughter’s 12 going on 21. Where I’m not in her life on a regular basis, I’m not entirely aware of how she is being raised.  I have an idea, obviously, but I know it’s not the way that I would raise her. 

But I realize that I pretty much gave up the right to judge how she was going to be raised when I didn’t fight for her to not move away almost ten years ago. I’ve mentioned this before in the blog…I just wasn’t mature enough at the time to be the father that she needed. So between me honestly thinking it was a good move and also me selfishly wanting out of the responsibilities of being a father, I let her move away without a fight. With that decision I pretty much gave up the right to complain about her upbringing.

Rugrat & CBG: Summer 2010

So anyway…I’m nervous about her arrival.  How will she act? Will she be respectful? Does she really want to visit me or does she just want to get away from her current home life?

And how will she get along with Ankle Biter, Sunshine, and her girls?  Last summer had some tense moments where she really didn’t want to be part of our happy little family, and that sometimes caused tension not only with me but with Sunshine, too.

This time around the plan includes scheduling time for Rugrat to NOT be with us unless she wants to. We don’t want to force our happiness and family fun onto her if she doesn’t want it (y’know…the whole “I’m too old to have fun with the family” attitude). The hope is that she’ll enjoy time with us more if she’s not forced to be with us all the time.

12 going on 21

Anyway…she arrives on the 7th and doesn’t leave until the 1st, so there will be LOTS of time for me to “work my magic” and try to bond with her as much as possible…especially after next week’s vacation with Sunshine and her girls is over.

And I really want to bond with her, too.  Sunshine has given me a few fun ideas that hopefully she’ll want to do with me (ex: making pizza from scratch, father/daughter movie night), so I’m really hoping that this trip will be her best yet even though the monetary situation isn’t quite what she may be expecting.

So yeah…my daughter.  Here. Four weeks. With me.

I’m totally a happy dad right now. I can’t wait for Sunday to get here.


5 thoughts on “My Daughter’s Arrival

  1. Best wishes and how wonderful.
    I am thinking a girl her age might tend to be a bit
    jealous of the “new kids” in the family and just
    want you to herself.Of course ,if that’s the case that
    is a very normal feeling as I remember being jealous of my siblings who lived with me and acting out a bit over that.
    I remember being a 12 year old girl and the whole world revolves around…me! it’s a pretty sensitive and hormonal
    age for sure!

    I am so happy you get a full month with your daughter!
    I am sure there will be bumps along the road as with every family,but you will never ever regret getting to know each other more and live together,no matter how rocky or smooth.Time flies by and before ya know it I find, they are grown up!

    All the best!

  2. I just gotta say once again…it is refreshing to see a father care so deeply about his children and make as much an effort as possible to see them, spend time with them and live close enough to see them often. As my own relationship with my father was never this way, I again commend you for it. And your daughter is beautiful! Good luck and have fun.

  3. How nice to hear a parent who actually WANTS to spend time with his kid! I know it won’t be easy at first, but I know you’ll do a great job. We are currently dealing with a kid/family issue as well. My husband’s son (15) is due to move in with us tomorrow. Long story short- this has been a very difficult summer for everyone involved, and the ‘legal’ aspect isn’t over yet. Relationships with people who have pasts is never easy. It comforts me to know that more and more people are in them. Somehow I always think that I’m not the norm- marrying a guy with kids. It just never seemed to happen in little old south eastern NB.

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