You heard this movie was good? Think again.

Have you ever heard about a movie and were really looking forward to watching it, only to be extremely disappointed in the end result?  Sure, high expectations sometimes make the movie appear worse than it actually is (I think “The Hangover” is a good example of a great movie that didn’t appear to be “all that” when I finally saw it weeks after it opened), but I’m talking about much-hyped movies that just end up being really bad.

In my opinion, here are some more recent bombs you should definitely avoid…

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor: Listen, I’ll fully admit to loving the first movie and really enjoying the sequel. This movie, however, was such a horrific mish-mash of silliness that I’m surprised they even made it.  The whole premise on how yet another mummy was raised from the dead was laughable (just because it’s a different mummy, doesn’t make it any less silly), the chase scenes and action sequences looked like Indiana Jones rejects, the bad acting and story would cringe-worthy (no wonder Rachel Weiss decided to not come back for this one), and there were abominable snowmen who swooped in and saved the day.  And if you need any other reason than that, read that last part again.  YETI. GOOD GUY YETI.  Honestly…what a huge disappointment.

Arthur: Sunshine and I are pretty big fans of Russell Brand, especially after his scene-stealing abilities in one of our favorite movies, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  But the more this movie went on, the more I just kept waiting and waiting for something funny to happen.  And it wasn’t just about being funny, I was waiting for some type of redemption for the main character.  Isn’t that the point of these movies?  You take the lovable loser, give him some situations where he grows up and matures, then you’re rooting for his redemption in the end. Brand’s character was as dumb and ignorant and unlikable in the end as he was in the beginning…so why should I care about whether or not there’s a happy ending?  And having never seen the original, I can’t even say if this was any better or worse…although I can’t see it being better in any way.

Little Fockers: I was really hoping for some laughs in this one as I felt as though Meet the Fockers was actually funnier than Meet the Parents, which is rare when it comes to sequels. Unfortunately, Sunshine and I couldn’t even make it all the way through the movie because it was simply that bad.  It wasn’t funny…heck, it wasn’t even amusing.  It was the same old jokes and the same old tricks…so when you knew what was going to happen before it actually did, it pretty much took away all of the laughs. Hopefully this is the end of the series.

Gulliver’s Travels: Jack Black is one of those actors who you really want to root for, but ends up doing terrible movies anyway. Sometimes he’s pretty decent (roles in King Kong and Tropic Thunder weren’t too bad at all), but then other times the entire movie is an embarrassment (Year One or Nacho Libre, anyone?). This movie had a TON of potential…it really did. To remake a classic tale like Gulliver’s Travels using modern special effects and a decent cast should have been a home run. Instead, this was quite simply one of the worst movies of the past decade. Seriously…he dresses up some of the little people and gets them to perform as KISS.  I’m a KISS fanatic and even I found that to be ridiculous. Skip this movie…please. You’ll thank me later.

Land of the Lost: Let me just say that I’m a massive Will Ferrell fan. I own a few of his movies and have seen just about every one…the guy is extremely funny and I “get” his sense of humor.  This movie, though, was a bomb from the first minute.  The problem here is that it didn’t know what it wanted to be.  Was it a PG film with silly-looking aliens and dinosaurs chasing the good guys around, or was it a borderline R movie with harsh language and more than its fair share of sex and drug references.  It tried playing both sides and it ended up being ridiculous. I would have loved it if it were a kid movie, but there’s NO WAY I’m letting my kids watch the movie with all of the adult content in it.  I would have really enjoyed it if it were an adult movie, but it was just too child-like in so many aspects that it was embarrassing to watch. Trust me…this is one stinker you want to stear clear from.


So what about you? See any movies lately that you would NOT want to recommend??


6 thoughts on “You heard this movie was good? Think again.

    1. Actually, I didn’t forget “Horrible Bosses”…I really wanted to include it (it’s was inspired me to write this post), but it’s just that I’ve heard a lot of people really liked the movie so I thought it might be just us that didn’t like it.

      And while “Bad Teacher” wasn’t great, but it wasn’t that bad, either.

      But oh yeah…I absolutely hated “Horrible Bosses”. With a passion.

  1. Hmm. I hardly ever watch movies…however, one that freaked me out to no end that I REALLY did not like? I am Number Four (or something like that??). Was really too much for this wuss 😉

  2. Hangover II … just didn’t do it for me. Some funny parts, but I think the concept was done played out already.

    I also thought Hall Pass sucked.

  3. Well, a couple of these I actually enjoyed. 🙂

    Then again, I tend to not look for too much in some movies. Sometimes, I just want a mindless giggle or two.

    I did just watch The Adjustment Bureau because I loved the premise but the ending kind of threw me off. I also enjoyed Super 8 when others thought it was just okay. Guess I’m not too particular as long as something is entertaining me and stopping me from doing laundry.

  4. I am thrilled to say that I haven’t seen any of these films. And I feel like a better person because of it!

    The only one I’d be interested in seeing would be Arthur, because I heard that although it didn’t do very well at all with critics, it was quite enjoyable. Clearly I was right not see it sooner 😛

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