The Minivan

There are a lot of things I have to talk about but this is Monday and I want to kick off things in a positive way.  I’ll keep the “woe is me” post for tomorrow.

So let’s see…where to start?

Well…let’s start with my new ride.  Here’s the story: I had a Chevy Cavalier on lease that was just about to expire when my mom initially got sick.  She couldn’t drive anymore so I returned the Cavalier and began driving her Hyundai Elantra.  I loved that car…it was really good to me. 

This past March (April?) my dad wanted to get a car for my little brother because he had just gotten his full driver’s license and needed a vehicle. He ended up buying a brand new Kia Forte but quickly realized that he didn’t want my brother’s first car to be a brand new car (he’s only 17).

He told me to “give” my car to my little brother for a year or so until the warranty was gone, I would drive the Forte during that time, and then I’d give him the Forte and we’d trade in my Elantra for something permanent for me.

Oh how plans change.

I went to visit my bad on Saturday for lunch and ended up seeing this…

This is now my vehicle because (1) I was putting a lot of mileage on the new car driving back and forth to see Sunshine, (2) I needed a minivan for my vacation as there would be six of us crammed uncomfortably into a car that only seats five, and the real reason (3) his new girlfriend was driving a crappy car and he wanted to give her something new (more on that tomorrow).

I’m going to continue paying on the Elantra until the warranty runs out next year, then this van will be mine free and clear (he bought it on a steal of a deal and put it in my name). At that point (or until something breaks on it sooner), we can use it as a down payment for something else (if I want).

It’s a 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan…seven seats with stow-and-go capabilities (I like that)…dvd player (I haven’t tested it, yet, but I’m sure it works)…only 82,000 kms (50,952 miles) on it…it’s in near-mint condition inside and out and it drives extremely smooth. It really is a good vehicle.

Am I stoked about this situation?  No…not really.  It was kinda sprung on me at the last second after the van was already purchased. I can’t argue with the reasoning, though…I could really use a van for the times that Sunshine and our kids are all together (even if that doesn’t happen nearly as often as I’d like).

Dad bought it for me as a gift.  I almost feel like it’s a bribe of some sort. He’s giving the new car to his girlfriend and feels guilty about it or wants my approval in some way so he bought this vehicle for me as a way to gain my favor.


No…I said I’d remain positive today, and I will.

It’s a good van. It’s in my name. It’ll be a $10,000+ trade-in in another year after I’ve added another 30,000 kms. It’ll make next week’s vacation a LOT easier. The gas mileage is a bit more (obviously) but thus far it doesn’t seem to be a whole lot different than the Forte I was driving, so it might add $5 to $10 per trip when I see Sunshine, if that. Sure…the warranty is gone on it, but if something happens to it over the next year that’s going to cost too much, I’ll just trade it in then for something new.

So yeah, there are definitely reasons why this is a good thing for me…even if the reasons why I even have it to begin with are questionable.

But now I have to sit and wonder…does owning a minivan mean that I’m officially old now???


12 thoughts on “The Minivan

  1. It was nice of your dad, but I can understand how you’d see past that (as would I!) into part of his motivation to do it. BUT it will be great for your vaca and ease up mileage on your other car, so putting the girlfriend part of it aside, it was nice of him (and no, it doesn’t make you old…it makes you, um, ‘practical?’ though that word is not much better!) 😉

    1. “Practical”? Yeah…that means I’m old. I never wanted to be “practical”. Now I fear that in another ten or fifteen years I’ll go through some kind of crisis where I have to get a small convertible vehicle that I look ridiculous driving.


  2. Gentleman Jack and I reluctantly rented a minivan on our vacation last week. It was the Chrysler equivalent of this one… the Town and Country. Wow. We kept laughing at ourselves because we LOVED it. It drove so smooth, there was a ton of room, the kids were all comfy. And we loved all the buttons! (We’re such kids.) Great vehicle!

    Hmmm… looking forward to reading more about the bribery tomorrow. Keep your smile on!

    1. It’s loaded for a 2007. There are some things I’m missing already…like a plug-in for my iPod and the built-in bluetooth, but otherwise it’s a solid vehicle that drives really smooth.

      I’m almost looking forward to piling everybody inside of it.


  3. I rode in a friends minivan for the first time a week ago and I thought my thoughts would be, “omg, this is sooo ugly and cheesy and I would NEVER own one”. My thoughts actually were, “omg… it’s so spacious, the dvd player = quiet a kid! Look at all the cup holders and all the storage!” I’m officially old. FAIL.

    (love the blog, btw – also added you to the blogroll!)

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