Weekend in Pictures

I really don’t know if I’ve got enough webspace on this blog to show ALL of the pictures I took this weekend. I mean, it was such a jam-packed weekend that the camera was barely able to capture it all.

But I did my best…

After going to the Farmers' Markets as we normally do on a Saturday morning, we made our way downtown to check out the Halifax Pride Parade. This was our first time attending any Pride Parade and we weren't really sure what to expect. What we noticed immediately is that the crowds for the event were massive (reports in the thousands) and everybody was ready for a fun time.
Well...if nothing else, at least the band's name is original. Kinda.
Local celebrity Neville MacKay was the grand marshall for the event. He owns and operates My Mother's Bloomers, which is a flower & gift shop...hence him throwing petals all over the place.
Just one of the MANY unique looking groups of folks in the Halifax Pride Parade.
I saw this flag a few times during the day and thought it was pretty cool. Of course, saying that it "was pretty cool" probably makes me sound really old. Does anybody under 30 say something "was pretty cool" anymore? Or is that a PARENT thing to say now? Yeesh...
Well there's something you don't see every day...
Now I've always been a fan of pole dancing (most guys are, I would think). So you can imagine I was quite entertained by the "pole dancing float" that was entered into the parade. The only thing that I found a little odd was that when they drove by they were cranking out "Dancing In The Dark" by Bruce Springsteen. It's been a few years since I was last in a strip club...but I can tell I've NEVER heard anybody pole dance to Bruce Springsteen before. Maybe it's me...I just found it a little odd.
I'm pretty sure that's not a regulation motorcycle helmet.
After the parade was done, the rain cleared up a bit and we decided to head down to the Valley for some sight-seeing and a drive-in movie. As usual, we were slightly happy together.
This was the view from "The Lookoff", located in the Valley of Nova Scotia. The sun was shining and the view was absolutely spectacular. All I could do was look around and want to soak-in as much of the moment as I could with Sunshine. I love sharing moments like this with her.
These pictures really don't do the view justice.
One of these days we're going to finally start to come out of our shells a little bit...
Love this woman. LOVE her.
As we got ready to go to the drive-in, we had to fill-up with some gas and make sure the windshield was okay to see through. Lemme tell ya...it ain't easy making a windshield spotless when it's covered in bug splatter. It's hard work but somebody's gotta do it, amiright??
This was our view at the Valley Drive-In. Not the biggest screen in the world, but it did the trick.

We watched the double-feature on Saturday night even though it was against our better judgment.  Y’see, we weren’t sure if we’d have the time to get to the drive-in again this summer so we felt as though it was “now or never”.  The only problem was that the first movie was Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows part two…which was fine for me because I’m a fan but Sunshine had never seen any movie other than the first one.  Needless to say, she was in a bit of a living hell for two hours.  Then we watched Horrible Bosses, which ended up being a horrible movie.  Maybe it was because we were tired, but we were slightly amused a couple of times and almost left three or four times because the movie was simply THAT BAD. We were doubly disappointed because (1) we had heard good things about it and (2) we stayed at the drive-in until 1:15am knowing that we had over an hour’s drive back home.

We slept in a bit on Sunday morning but were still eager to enjoy as much as the day as we could because it was absolutely gorgeous outside.
We walked along the Halifax Waterfront for over an hour...casually enjoying the sights and sounds. We went into a candy store that we had never been in called SUGAH. They had some pretty unique candies and tchotchkes. You gotta love any candy that's derived from Ghostbusters!
I always wondered why in the world a cruise ship would come and dock in Halifax. I mean, what could possibly be the attraction to somebody from the U.S.? Well, on this day I realized just how beautiful the Halifax Waterfront could be and why people would want to get off the ship and talk a stroll. It really was an amazing day, weather-wise, and the waterfront was the "place to be".
This would be me trying to be "artsy" with my photography. It's a building that has some unique mirrored-glass as windows.
Just outside of the Maritime Museum along the Halifax Waterfront.
Yes...Halifax is home to Theodore Tugboat.
Sunshine loved this. It just looked like the building could blend into the sky and you couldn't tell where the clouds ended and the building began. We stood there for a minute or two just to soak it in.
Sunshine had won tickets for us to go see Cirque du Soleil on Sunday night. She had no idea that her company actually co-owns a box suite so imagine our surprise when we're at the Halifax Metro Center looking for our seats and are informed that we need to go through the "big doors by the marbell" and make our way upstairs. It was VERY cool...free beverages, free snacks, and an amazing view. We even chuckled to each other during intermission about how...sometimes...we're just the luckiest couple of people in the world. Of course, I feel that way EVERY day knowing that I'm in love with the most amazing woman.

8 thoughts on “Weekend in Pictures

  1. Dear CBG,
    I’m not sure if I mentioned this or not, but I am from NB. I now live in the U.S but my Maritime roots are still strong and I miss it dearly. In fact, I was just there (southeastern NB near the NS border) last week, home on vacation. The picture in my header is taken from my cottage in NB.

    Your pictures make me happy, yet sad. I miss home so much. Thank you for reminding me of what a wonderful, tolerant, multi cultural country I am proud to call home.

    1. Thanks, Beachmum.

      Yeah…I’m pretty darned proud to be able to call Canada home, too. It’s a beautiful, tolerant country that (to me) is second to none in the world.

      Where in NB is your cottage?

  2. Wait wait wait – Horrible Bosses = horrible movie???? Clearly you need more It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia in your life. Just sayin’.

    1. Y’know…I saw your “review” on Facebook and mentioned it to Sunshine. She looked at me and I honestly think she ended up liking you just a bit less afterwards.

      It just wasn’t funny. It was amusing in spots, but not funny. We just wanted it to be over.

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