The Weekend in Pictures

As I said yesterday, this past weekend was absolutely amazing and about as close to perfect as it could be.  Did anything monumental happen?  No.  Did we do a bunch of crazy things?  Nope.

All we did was enjoy each other.  That’s it.

And yes…we took a crap-load of pics.  It’s a big-time post today.  Not quite as big as our love…but it’s big.


I arrived on Thursday night as I had Friday off. We didn't take any pics on Friday...we just chillaxed after she got off of work. On Saturday morning, as is normally the case, we head out to the Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market. The only difference on this day was that it was a torrential downpour outside. You'd think it could affect our day...but you'd think wrong.
We were looking for a gift to buy a friend for her birthday when I stumbled upon something probably only found in the Maritimes...chocolate lobster. She didn't buy it, but I'm certainly still interested in a huge chunk of chocolate shaped like the greatest seafood on earth.
One of the local artists that is really grabbing the attention of Sunshine and I makes the most incredible cakes. This is simply a vanilla cake with the most amazing icing on top. Yes...that "sushi" is actually icing. A couple of weeks ago they showed one with a burger and fries on the top. Really, really impressive stuff.
We made our way over to the Harbourview Weekend Market (or as I call it...the "crazy market"). This guy was just standing there staring into the abyss so I knew I had to take a picture. As soon as I got in front of him, he began to vibrate and shake. It freaked me out a bit...especially when I noticed he appeared to be looking right at me.
I'm sure that the Harbourview Weekend Market is probably the only place in the city where you can get a used tire right alongside some fresh produce. I'm sure that's not a safety food violation of any it?
Again...just an example of why I call this place the "crazy market". Hamburger Helper and lip enhancers in the same bin. Well...why not?
Did I mention it was pouring rain on Saturday? Yeah...we were walking all over the city trying to find a great gift for our friend's birthday. When stopping for a quick break, I decided to take a pic of the outside from the inside. This is just a glimpse of how wet it was. But y'know what? We didn't care. We just kept moving on...laughing, loving, enjoying.
I felt REALLY bad as I took this pic (well...kinda). Somebody spent the money to have their wedding on a yacht docked on the Halifax waterfront and it was a torrential rainstorm. I mean, I know they had tarps up and such...but the water was going sideways. Oh well...I'm sure they made the most of everything.
I had no idea that female mannequins had nipples. Apparently Sunshine did. Heh...
We got up around 5am on Sunday morning so we could enjoy the sunrise at Point Pleasant Park. It was a beautiful, clear day...couldn't ask for a better way to start the day.
This has quickly turned into one of my favorite pictures of us. Pure joy.
It took a bit longer than expected (almost 6am), but the sun finally decided to make an appearance. I'm glad it did because it then meant we could start off on our 4.2km treck around the park. We did it in just over 30 minutes, which I was pleased with (Sunshine does that in her sleep!). was a perfect morning for exercise.
I just wanted to prove that yes we were, in fact, awake at sunrise. And yes...we were actually smiling at 5:30am on a Sunday morning. Honestly, it was TOTALLY worth getting up for.
We went home for breakfast, got showered, and head out to Peggy's Cove for a visit. This place is one of the most incredible and beautiful locations in all of Canada, and we happened to be there on the perfect day. It was sunny and warm, but the wind was enough that the waves were crashing on the rocks. Awesomesauce!

The last time we were here, it was cloudy and cold…so it was nice to be able to experience this on a really nice day.  On the flip side, though, the last time we were here a stranger came up to us and offered to take our picture.  She was just a random professional photographer who loved us being in love.  And this was the result…

Sunshine & CBG: Peggy's Cove 2009

Anyways…back to THIS trip!!

I sometimes wonder if I could ever truly take "great" pictures. I think this comes close to qualifying. I was really wanting to capture a splash or two. You need a LOT of patience, though, because you never know which wave is going to cause the biggest splash.
Sunshine & CBG: Peggy's Cove 2011 (not quite the quality of a professional photographer, but none too shabby)
Am I biased to think that Sunshine looks absolutely beautiful here? I's a good pic, right? It's not just me?
I think I could blow this up, place it in a frame on my wall, and people would ask where I bought it. At least I think that's what would happen. It could just be water splashing in the air. Wadda I know??
It's not the best inuksuk I've ever seen, but it's still pretty good.
It was the off season for lobster in this part of the province. From what we heard, it's always lobster season somewhere in the Maritimes...but because nobody wants to over-fish the stocks, they rotate so the lobster can re-populate. There were a LOT of lobster traps lying around...but it only added to the authenticity of this tiny little village.
Just another picture of more lobster traps. I got some pretty great shots in Peggy's Cove...looking forward to adding them to my 365 Photo Project.
We made our way back into the city and did some window shopping in Dartmouth Crossing. Once I saw these shorts in one of the stores, I simply HAD to take a picture. Luckily for me, Sunshine didn't mind posing at all.
Can we be serious for a minute? Yes? Okay...but only a minute!!

And now comes my attempt to try something new. We were at Pete’s Frootique and I saw lobster-flavored potato chips.  I mean…I couldn’t just NOT try them, right?


Only in the Maritimes!!
Try to ignore the redness of the next two pics. It was still pretty sunny out and we had Sunshine's curtains drawn so we could watch a movie. ANYWAY...this is me about to taste some lobster-flavored potato chips.
Oh dear god in heaven...what the hell am I eating???

And that was the weekend, kids.


7 thoughts on “The Weekend in Pictures

  1. Once again, absolutely love these pictures and the stories you tell with each. You should really enter a photo contest with some of these. And I agree, Sunshine looks gorgeous in that pic, in all of them, really. And you two look just filled to the brim with love and joy. The way it should be (and seriously, looking at these pics, it looks just like Maine…juuust sayin) 🙂

  2. Love the pics. It’s always fun to live vicariously through you guys!

    The beautiful pic of Sunshine? I think it could have been even more stunning had you done a closeup of her face with that blue water behind her. It would make her eyes just *POP!*

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