The Long Weekend in Pictures

I may be Canadian, but I work for an American company so that means I get American holidays off.

Now for me, this is a huge plus.  Y’see, during Canadian holidays there is nothing open so if I’m at work I’m not really missing anything.  In addition, there’s never any traffic on the way to the office.

On the American holidays everything is open for business so if I need to go to the bank or go grocery shopping, I don’t need to worry about waiting times because I’ve got all day to myself.

This weekend, though, was my scheduled weekend with Ankle Biter. So because I had the day off, I ended up having him for three days instead of two…which was pretty awesome (any extra time I can get with him is awesome).

So without further adu, here is my long weekend in pictures…

I picked Ankle Biter up after work on Canada Day. He had already spent the day with his mom playing at the local events (i.e. why he's showing off his face & arm maple leaf tattoo). We went to dad's (a 40-minute drive) so we could watch the fireworks with him. Unfortunately, about an hour before they were scheduled to go off, the skies opened up and it began to pour. We may our way back home and pulled into the city at 10pm. As I had hoped, we were just in time to watch the fireworks in my home city!! So we parked the car and got out...Ankle Biter had a heckuva time.

And for those interested, I found the final moments of the fireworks:

Saturday was a GORGEOUS day and we decided to take advantage of it. With Ankle Biter really getting into soccer now (and having games twice a week), I decided to kick the ball around a little bit. Now, we've had some really bad weather recently and it's been HELL trying to mow the lawn on a consistent basis. Please forgive the state of my's just not the best at the moment.
Ankle Biter LOVES being a goalie...primarily because he gets to drop down on the ground, I think. So we took turns in "net". I love how excited he gets when he makes a save or scores a goal on the old man. There's just something about the pure happiness that you see in the eyes of a child that can melt anybody's heart.
It's good to see he takes winning in a very humble way.
Later in the day we got out the Super Soakers for the first time. Honestly, the gun was a bit too big for him (which allowed me to TOTALLY drench him as his aim wasn't the best). I'm normally very much "anti-gun" when it comes to him, but water guns outside in the backyard with dad seemed pretty harmless to me. And it was PERFECT weather for it.
Yes...I'd say he was a bit drenched after our epic battle.
I got the biggest kick out of this. He was wet and sticky and starting to cool off a bit once we got inside, so Ankle Biter ended up walking he was treading lightly to avoid discomfort (lol). He walked like this all the way down the hall to his room. Maybe it's me...I just thought it was funny.
It wouldn't be a holiday weekend in the sunshine without barbeque. Which reminds me...where the heck is my BBQ brush? Anyway...the only way this would have been any better was if I had a beer in my hand and Sunshine by my side. Well...I don't like drinking when I've got my son and I've got another long weekend coming up with Sunshine, so I guess I shouldn't complain.
During supper, Ankle Biter passed out...HARD. I took that as a sign of a great fun-filled day. It was actually pretty difficult to wake him up...he was out cold and probably would have slept from that point on if I let him. Of course, he would have been up at 3am instead of 6am like he was on Sunday morning. Listen...I love long summer days as much as the next guy, but it's difficult to convince a 4-year-old to go to bed at 8pm and stay in bed until 7am when the sun is out until 9:30pm and the sun is up at 5am.

At one point Ankle Biter came out of his room around 9:15pm. He walked up to me and proceed to say, “Daddy…I’m tired.” It took everything I had to not burst into laughter at the thought of a kid getting OUT of bed to say that he wanted to GO to bed.

It also made me think of this…

I'm in the process of trying to add more board games to my collection (well...ANY board games, really). I recently picked up a card game that Ankle Biter could totally relate to: the Spongebob memory game. We started off small with about 14 cards. By the time Sunday morning hit we were playing with 18 pairs and had 36 cards on the floor. The kid is good, too. I love knowing that he's learning and has a good memory. I also love knowing that he likes having simple fun like this with his dad.
We went to visit my dad for the day on Sunday. Again, it was a gorgeous day so we hung out on the back patio quite awhile. After slapping on a ton of sunscreen, Ankle Biter was ready to create unbelievable movies in his head. Seriously...this kid is fantastic when it comes to keeping himself entertained. I would LOVE to see what he sees sometimes.
My dad usually gives me a hard time for giving my son "junk" for treats when we travel. I mean, it's not like I give him Fruit Roll-Ups as his ONLY's just that fruit/veggies don't always travel well. On this day, I had packed grapes and strawberries and carrots and what do you think my dad wanted to give my son?? Yeah...Fruit Roll-Ups. THEN he wanted to show off the blue tongue Ankle Biter got from eating TWO of those things. Sigh. can see dad's newest girlfriend in the background on the left. I'll have more to say about that later in the week.

Well…that was pretty much it in terms of pics over the weekend. Monday was a rain-day, so we stayed inside and played games. In other words, I spent more time with him than I did taking pictures OF him.

Hopefully everybody out there had a great weekend, too.

Like father, like son.

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