So…I met dad’s girlfriend last night

I got the call at work yesterday from my father. He was probably going to be in town and was wondering if I wanted to go have supper with him. Listen…I’m a dude. I may be on a diet but when somebody offers me free food I normally take it.

So I left work a bit early so I could meet-up with dad, have supper, and still have time to catch my son’s soccer game.

I walked into the restaurant and saw dad’s hand in the air waving me over.  I happened to notice that he wasn’t alone. I  also happened to notice that there was somebody sitting next to him. I also happened to notice that the person was a woman.










It was his new girlfriend.

Not the woman he started dating a few weeks ago because that, apparently, didn’t work out. This is a woman he has dated for a couple of weeks and he felt as though I needed to meet her.

I gotta say…the whole thing kinda took me by surprise.  I mean, there was no warning or anything.

I was friendly…she was friendly…we shared a nice casual conversation at dinner even though the situation was extremely awkward for me. I mean, I’ve never seen dad with anybody next to his side other than mom…this was just really effin’ weird.

I’m still trying to process everything.  I’m not mad at my father for this because he seemed more than happy to introduce her to me.  If that’s the case, then I’m happy because he’s happy. At this point, his happiness is the most important thing to me.

And I’m really not upset about everything, either. I’m not jealous…she’s not replacing mom…I’m not angry…a lot of the feelings that others may have in a similar situation, I’m really not feeling.

It was just awkward. And weird. And awkward.

And what’s worse…and this is just kinda creepy to me when I think about it…is that she kinda looks a little bit like my mom. Not nearly as attractive, mind you…but still a little bit like her. I never knew dad had a “type”.

I guess last night was a reality check for me. I mean,  I knew dad was dating again and I really was okay with it.  But I think it might have been a case of “out of sight, out of mind”.  But now?  Now it’s real and I have been forced to confront the situation head-on.

I’m not mad…but I’m not yet sure how I feel about this whole thing.


10 thoughts on “So…I met dad’s girlfriend last night

  1. Always weird when you meet the parents’ dates. My parents have been divorced for 18 years and I STILL feel awkward when/if I have to meet a new someone. Perhaps it’s their way to get back at us for our teen-age years? 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Whew, that had to be tough — the “surprise” part. No time to prepare. A lot to digest for you. I wouldn’t be surprised if it creates a lot of feelings to “percolate” this weekend. Thinking about you. Tammy

  3. Well and the fact that he sprung it on you like that?!?! Reminded me of when my dad asked my brother to come over and when my brother got there, Dad told him that they (dad & my stepmom) were going to the courthouse to get married. My brother had no idea and my sister & I weren’t speaking to him at the time…

    Anyway, yeah. I guess it would be weird.

    1. He followed-up with a phone call this morning to see what I thought of her. He told me that he felt as though he needed to do it that way to make sure we both didn’t get all “weird” before the meeting.

      She didn’t know that I was meeting her for supper until she sat down at the restaurant.

      Dad’s kooky like that.

  4. oh MAN, awkward. And I don’t love that he just sorta sneak-attacked you with it. That’s hard. (not comparing whatsoever given my mom is still with us, but my dad dated a woman for a couple of years that looked exactly like my mom. it was just WEIRD. Mind you, my dad has been married 3 more times and engaged countless others, so he goes through women like whoa, but it IS weird when a parent dates someone that looks like said other parent…)

      1. No, not really…you just repeated “I am not mad” a couple of times, so I was just being a smart**s. Sorry.

        I do hope you will turn out to be one of those children who let their parents live their lives, you sound like you definitely will.

        I would love my mom to start dating!!!

  5. I’m just getting caught up on my blog reading … and um, WOW.

    So ok … well it sounds like you handled it maturely, even in all the suddenness.

    I haven’t got much else to say really. Much love CaNook.

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