You want me to pay how much?

Are there things in life that you would REALLY love to have but simply can’t afford?  Of course there are…it’s simply a fact of life for 99% of us that don’t have unlimited disposable income.

But are there things out there that are just sooooo good…sooooo important to you that you think the price is totally worth it.

I’m one of those guys who lives paycheck to paycheck. It sucks, but in this economy I think it’s more important to have job stability than to take unnecessary risks in order to potentially make more money than I need. At least at this point.  Ask me again in another year or two.

But I can’t lie…there are things out there that I believe are worth a premium. There are items…tangible items…that, to me, are so absolutely worth the price.

1. A good steak. Listen…I’m just not a fruit & vegetable kinda guy. I know I may turn off a certain demographic, but I absolutely LOVE meat.  All kinds of meat, too…steak, fish, chicken…you name it, I’ll eat it.

But when it comes to steak, I will pay $20 or more for a beautifully cooked steak that melts in your mouth. I mean, a pre-marinated thing of beauty that has been flamed-up just right…I can’t even tell you how awesome it is.

For those of you who enjoy steak, I think you know what I’m talking about.

2. Razor blades. Hey…I’m bald by choice, kids. But even when I had hair, I always found myself having problems with razor blades…trying to find one that wouldn’t irritate my skin or cut me or leave me with stubble five hours later.

I’ve found the perfect razor blade and I’ll be totally honest…I’ve tried others but they don’t come CLOSE.

I use the Gillette Fusion Proglide.  No, this isn’t a sponsored post at all…I’m just a consumer who uses razors for both my face and my head, and I have yet to find a better shave.

The only problem? A four-pack of blades costs around $20.  Yeah…those little suckers are expensive as all get-out.  And it’s $20 if they’re on sale!!

But it’s totally worth it. And ladies…I’m sure you probably feel the same way about razors for your legs. Don’t you?

3. A good movie. I download movies illegally online…I’ll totally admit to it.  But I also go out to the movies, as well…so it’s not like I’ll watch everything illegally.

I don’t mind laying down $13 for a ticket and another $10 for snacks if the movie is totally worth my while.  Sunshine and I recently saw “Bad Teacher“…and while good, it certainly didn’t feel like it was worth the money to me.

My thought is that if I want to spend that kind of money on a movie, I want to feel as though I got my money’s worth.  Something like “Avatar“, for example, was worth every single penny to see in 3-D on an IMAX screen.

At the end of the day, people will always want to see movies in a movie theatre if the movie is worth the money to pay to see it.

4a. Toilet paper. Okay…I realize this one may seem a bit odd to most but trust me on this one.  If you happen to use no-name brand toilet paper and then buy the premium stuff, you’ll quickly realize why the premium stuff is more expensive.

And I don’t know about y’all, but considering what I use toilet paper for I think I owe it to myself to buy the absolute best product possible.

4b. Kleenex. Yes, I realize that it’s supposed to be called “facial tissue” but to me there’s only one really good recognizable brand out there and it’s name has replaced the actual name (sort of like “Band-Aid” for bandages).

I’m a guy who gets sick more often than not (probably due to my poor eating habits). When I’m sick, I’m sick for a few weeks at a time.

I’ve tried being sick with the cheap tissues, but then my nose gets all red and raw and then it hurts to blow and yadda yadda yadda.

I’ll take spending the extra money to get “Kleenex with Lotion” any day of the week in order to get the comfort my nose deserves.  It might sound petty, but that’s something I find is definitely worth the money.

5. Music. Similar to movies, I download a ton of music online.  I used to buy cd’s all the time so it’s not like I’ve always been into illegal pirating, but I feel as though there was a time when the record companies simply priced themselves out of the market.  Online pirating of music wasn’t always about getting stuff for free…it was about making a statement that we thought we were paying too much for the product we were given.

Cut to today and I’ll be the first to admit I buy songs via iTunes all the time. I absolutely do not mind paying for a song or an album if I think the music is worth it.

Obviously, in today’s musical environment there is not a lot of stuff worth paying for anymore…but when there is, I absolutely have no problem slapping down a couple bucks for a song.


So what about you? Is there anything out there that you think is worth paying a little extra for?


12 thoughts on “You want me to pay how much?

  1. Great idea for an article! My list includes vacations with my kids, my guitar lessons and nights out with friends.

  2. Totally agree on almost all of these! (I am not a movie goer typically, so I don’t care about that one as much). I definitely spend a lot on groceries, good produce (veggies! ahh! LOL) because I eat almost entirely every meal at home, so I don’t mind that this line item in my budget is high. I also think a good bottle of wine is TOTALLY worth paying for (thus why I also have two wine clubs hehe).

  3. My list is made up of the following:

    – vacations (I always save extra and then splurge while away b/c I know I’ll not visit that place again)
    – alcohol (because if I am going to drink, it should taste good)
    – coffee (one of my life’s pleasures)
    – chocolate (see above)
    – footwear (because feet are important)
    – camera stuff (I spend ALOT of time with my camera and have created some pretty awesome memories).
    – bras (I am a girl, this one should be self explanatory)

  4. Amen Amen AMEN!

    I pay more for certain things, foodwise, and refuse to back down on them. Eating all organic is expensive but some quality foods I do spend the extra cash on.

    I also enjoy spending money on good running shoes and high quality things for my bike… and other triathlon stuff. I want to stay healthy and injury free!

    You know what? I pretty much agree with Natalie’s list!

  5. I didn’t think steak was worth the price, until AFTER I have tried good cuts of steak and crappy ones — this lesson was given to me by my husband. 😀

    I think certain hair styling products are worth the price! If you have hair like mine (which you don’t give the title of your blog!), you’ll do anything for a great conditioner, de-frizzer, serum and so forth. Unfortunately, I have tried quite a few “professional” brands and they still haven’t done the trick, so the search continues….

    Bras…I don’t think I need to explain this one! 😀

    Great post!

  6. Im right there with you on all of that. Ive recently been using Emusic for my downloads as much as possible though. It has cheaper music with a few drawbacks. A monthly subscription which you have to use up, smaller selection but its getting better and slower to get the new music into it.

  7. Right with you on these. I’d add alcohol – life is too short for bad beer.

    The other day I looked through my lifetime collection of music CDs from years past and realized than more than half of them I have not played more than once. I think the best thing about online music is the ability to hear it before you buy it. That has to hurt sales – you realize how bad it is before it is too late.

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