Wink Wink Nudge Nudge

It’s been an interesting week…

My dad joined Facebook. Not only did he join Facebook, but he added me as a friend.  Not only did he add me as a friend, but he added Sunshine as a friend, too.  Not only did he do all that, but now he’s making comments on my wall.  I have to admit, I’m not entirely sure if I like this whole situation. I mean…my dad’s 65 and he has NEVER liked the internet so why start now?  Sunshine told me that he’s just lonely and this is just another way for him to cope…and to that end I suppose she’s right. It’s a bit awkward for me, but it’s not like I say or do anything on Facebook that I need to be ashamed of so it’s not really that big of a deal.

So now I’ve got my daughter AND my dad as “friends” on Facebook.

My son played his first “real” soccer game last night.  I say “real” because it was just 20 kids all under six years old kicking the ball (and each other’s shins). Ankle Biter?  He wanted to be the goalie because he just loves falling down and stopping the ball from going past him. On one hand, that’s pretty awesome because the goalie has a fairly important job on the team.  On the other hand, he loves to run and I’m surprised that he’d want a position where he’d have to stand still a lot of the time.

But when the time came and the first shot came his way, he was ready!!

INXS is playing here in two weeks. I’m still hoping it doesn’t sell out and I can find a way to scrounge up some money to get a ticket the day of the show online at a discount. I’ve always been a fan of the band, from the very first time I saw the video for “Original Sin” on a Saturday night video program from some local Bangor, ME television channel. I used to sneak out of bed on Friday and Saturday nights just to watch music videos (Friday Night Videos was on NBC at the time after The Tonight Show), so I grew up on bands with unique music videos that got a lot of play…one of them being INXS. 

And it’s cool to know I was a fan of the band before they really hit it big with “Kick“, which was their biggest selling album.  It was kinda cool to be able to follow a band through limited exposure to decent hit (with “Listen Like Thieves“) to major break-through. And through the years I remained a fan of the band, even after Michael Hutchence passed away.

So now JD Fortune (a fellow Maritimer!) is the lead singer of INXS, back with the band after initially winning the gig on a reality show that I absolutely loved called Rockstar: INXS.  Their first album as a band was awesome and he’s a perfect fit to sing their older songs, so my being a fan of the band has continued.

Okay…enough with THAT history lesson. Needless to say I’m hoping to score a ticket somehow before July 7th.

Sunshine and I are going on a date tomorrow night.  We’re going to a movie that we’ve been looking forward to seeing since we originally saw the red-band trailer for it: Bad Teacher.  She’s a Justin Timberlake fan so I think that helped sway her into wanting to watch this. I could be wrong, but this thing looks hilarious.

I’m down four pounds over the past week…which isn’t too bad, I guess. I’m trying to eat healthier, drink more water, and walk more. The only thing I’m not really doing enough of is walking. It’s been tough lately, especially at work. I used to make myself go for walks three times every day, but lately it’s been so bloody crazy at work that I’m lucky enough to even get up from my seat three times in day much less take breaks.

Even though it’s supposed to rain all weekend, I’m hoping to get some exercise at Sunshine’s. Ahem…yeah…that’s it…”exercise”.

Have a great weekend, everybody!!


4 thoughts on “Wink Wink Nudge Nudge

  1. That’s too funny about your dad. At least he doesn’t read your blog, right?? INXS! That is awesome. Equivelant for me pining away to go to the NKOTBSB concert that I missed, right? 😉 Have fun er, exercising this weekend!!

  2. Your dad may do lots of things that will surprise you. As I said before, it’s akin to post-divorce…when you start to try new things and meet new people. Some go into depression & want time to stop. I’m glad to see him keep on living & taking care of himself.

    Love the pics of Ankle Biter! Soccer is fun to watch too!

    INXS is touring?! I’ve been a fan since seeing “The One Thing” on MTV years ago. Shabooh Shabah is one of my fave albums of a time. I haven’t followed them much since Michael hutchence died…I loved him so much. I did watch the Rockstar show though. I’ll have to see if they’ll make their way to Dallas soon too!

    You guys enjoy your weekend! 😉

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