Tonight’s the night…

…that my Relay for Life takes place.

We’ve raised over $3,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society thus far, earning the five of us a “Rising Star” award as a team.  I’m extremely proud of that accomplishment.

I exceeded my online goal of $500, which in itself was double what the Relay website initially suggested per person.  I’m really thankful to the number of awesome readers/Facebook followers who made donations to help me do this. You all rock.

Tonight will be tough in some aspects, fun in others.

I’ve been asked to light the first luminary in honor of mom…that’s gonna be tough. I’ve also been asked if everybody in my family will participate with me…so that’s definitely going to make things a bit easier.

It’s scheduled to be cold and rainy…that’s gonna be tough. My dad is sick and isn’t expecting to stay very long, so if it’s as uncomfortable as the forecast expects it to be, he’ll just take the kids home with him and they can sleep at his house.  That part kinda sucks, but we’re planning for the worst.  Hopefully the rain holds off and the temperatures rise, but it’s doubtful.

I’m hoping the night ends up being more fun than emotional. I’m really thankful that Sunshine will be there with me through it all…I couldn’t imagine doing it without her.

So if you’re not doing much tonight, Sunshine and I will probably be tweeting throughout the evening from the event (as long as our phone batteries survive).  You can follow us here:

More than likely we’ll have pics on Monday.  That’s the hope, anyway…keep your fingers crossed.  See you then…


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