Ashes to ashes

This morning at 10am we will be burying my mom’s ashes.

Living in the northern part of North American means cold weather. It also means frost in the ground. It also means nobody can be buried until after the frost has left and it’s warm enough to dig a hole.

So while we had mom’s funeral back in February, we’re burying her today.

It’s been raining for two weeks straight. In the few odd moments that it hasn’t been raining, it’s been cloudy. When it hasn’t been cloudy, it’s been nighttime.

This morning the sun is out and beaming down upon us. I’m not a man of much faith, but I’m thinking that mom is looking down upon us today with a smile.

The view from outside my window this morning.

Mom was cremated, thus only a small urn will be placed in the ground. It will only be a 5-minute ceremony with about five of us involved.  No minister…no gathering…just loved ones saying ‘goodbye’ for the last time.

Dust to dust.


10 thoughts on “Ashes to ashes

  1. Wishing you strength today, and the love and wisdom of all that your mother means to you as her legacy to her beloved family.

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