The Zoo, Disney Dreams, My Relay, and Sunshine’s Birthday

– Ankle Biter and I got to go to the local zoo on Saturday morning.We had a blast. It’s still in “off-season” rates so not only did we get in cheap, but we got there just after it opened and there was hardly anybody there with us…so it felt like we had the zoo to ourselves.  The sun was out and it was gorgeous outside, but not too hot…which meant that almost every single animal was out and about. Ankle Biter  wanted to see a tiger, but their tiger died a year or so ago, so it wasn’t to be. But their leopards were beautiful, the lions were close to the fence so he could see them up close, and the monkeys were swinging from rope to rope and singing for all to hear. I love little bonding experiences like this with him…it just makes me feel closer to him.

– Getting to the zoo was a good thing because about an hour after we got home it rained.  And then it rained the rest of the weekend. It’s still raining today and it’s supposed to continue to rain straight through to Thursday. I don’t mind summer rain at all, but it’s still cold spring rain…so I’m not quite ready yet. Still…I was out BBQ-ing in the rain on Saturday. Ankle Biter didn’t want to stay inside so he came out in the rain to watch me. I thought it was cute when he began trying to catch the raindrops like they were snowflakes.

– Rugrat contacted me over the weekend. It was via email, but we speak so infrequently that it’s always a real treat when whenever there’s ANY correspondence. She’s at the age (so I’ve been told) where talking to her old man…even if she only gets to see him twice a year…isn’t really on her “to do list”. I guess I’m okay with that as long as she continues to reach out when she does, because that means she’s not doing it because she has to…she’s doing it because she wants to.

– Which brings me to think…what would be one of the first things you did if you won a million dollars?  Sure…bills paid/money to family blah blah blah, but what then? I know that I’d absolutely change my living arrangements and go on another cruise with Sunshine…we’d end up seeing the world, I think. But the very first thing would be booking a trip to DisneyWorld with just me and Rugrat. It’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing and it’s a place she’s never gone. Just daddy/daughter time in the Happiest Place on Earth. Whether it’s now when she’s 12 or later when she’s 30…my dream is to take her there.  It will happen…some day, some how.

– My Relay for Life is quickly approaching. I’m currently at 65% of my online goal and with less than a month to go, you’re probably going to end up seeing more and more “Relay” posts. I’m sure I can hit $500. Please join me in the fight against cancer by supporting my participation in Relay For Life now. It’s really easy – just click on this link. It’s going to be a fun weekend, too, because Sunshine and I will be doing the Relay together with our kids…and my family has repeatedly told me that it’ll be a fun time and that there is a lot of things planned for kids, so that’s good.

– Speaking of Sunshine, her birthday is this coming Saturday. Y’know, it’s actually a bit depressing in a way because I so very much want to give her the world…but I can’t. I so very much want to be able to lavish her with gifts…but I can’t. I know she’d say that my love is enough and I absolutely feel the same way about her…I don’t even NEED gifts as long as she’s in my life…but still, I wish there was a way I could snap my fingers and make everything in our lives exactly the way we want it to be.  But I can’t. So I guess we’ll both just have to work with what the Universe has handed to us.

Hope everybody had a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “The Zoo, Disney Dreams, My Relay, and Sunshine’s Birthday

  1. If I recall correctly, you rocked her socks for last year’s bday with little cash at all. Put your heart into it. It doesn’t have to be lavish but… thoughtful.

    Love the pics! Sounds like wonderful fun with AB. And yes, I would love to take my/our kids to Disney too. Gentleman Jack and I have discussed that many many times. One day!

    You do stay in touch with Rugrat even when she’s not responding to you, right?

    1. Yeah…I think I set myself up last year to be unable to repeat this year. I just don’t think it’s gonna happen.

      And yes, I try to keep in touch with Rugrat but I normally end up leaving messages. She’ll talk to me when she wants to, I guess.

  2. I was just going to say what T said – you did awesome for her birthday last year, without it being costly. I have no doubt you’ll do the same this year, and to each other, you are a gift. That’s the most important.

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