Weekend in Pictures

Ankle Biter and I arrived on Friday by 1pm and immediately found out that Kiddo, Sunshine’s oldest, was REALLY sick with some kind of stomach virus. There aren’t any pictures from Friday as we didn’t really do anything. It’s okay, though…we still ended up having a pretty full weekend…

Ankle Biter has himself a new "faux-hawk" haircut. He loves it. AND...strangely enough...he's posing for pictures and acting more and more like his own man. I have no idea where he gets it from...
Oh yeah...now I remember where he gets it from.
CUPCAKES!!! Ahem...we packed-up all three kids and head off to the Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market for a lookie-loo. We stumbled upon the cupcake stand to end all farmer's market cupcake stands. Actually, Sunshine and I had thought last week that this would be a good treat for the kids. And yes...they were fascinated and drooling at these things.

 Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market

Just a bit of a closer look at these amazing cupcakes. Seriously...these were tremendous!! I had the Jelly Bean one with the purple icing with the broken mini chocolate Easter eggs on top. It was a marble cake with a (surprise!!) mini chocolate Easter egg center. Ankle Biter had the Jelly Bean cupcake.


My four favorite people (although we're missing Rugrat) as we made our way through the upstairs part of the farmer's market.
The roof of the building was open because of the beautiful weather, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air. I attempted...numerous times...to get the kids to all smile and look at the camera. I eventually gave up and said, "Make a funny face". THAT worked. Go figure...
Enjoying the view from the roof of the Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market.
Don't ask me why, but I'm just LOVING this picture. Really...I loved sitting back and watching all four of them interact with each other. Ankle Biter gets along with them so well...it's just really awesome for me to enjoy.
If I had a nickel for every time I could have used this t-shirt in my lifetime...


We took the kids to the Harbourview Weekend Market, where they checked out the rubber duckie store.


Duckies anyone?
Seriously....that's a lot of ducks.


Okay...I'm all for novelty items and all, but a "Scream" rubber duckie? I guess. If they had made more of these then maybe Scream 4 might have been a bigger hit. Oh well...maybe I'll just buy the OH MY GOD!! TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS FOR THIS THING?? What the effin' crap???
After hitting two farmer's markets, it was just too nice of a day to stay indoors so we went to the Halifax Common playground. Kiddo still wasn't feeling very well, but Mo & Ankle Biter had an awesome time.
These two really bonded and had a GREAT time over the weekend together.
Sunshine cooked an amazing dinner for everybody: Easter Ham!! Seriously...I just want to make sure her hard work doesn't go un-noticed because cooking for a family isn't the easiest job in the world and too many men take it for granted. So thank you, Sunshine. The kids and I loved it!!
This was as good a picture as I could take of the moment the blocks fell over. Ankle Biter thoroughly enjoyed this game. I think I'll have to pick up some board games for the two of us to play because he seems to enjoy them quite a bit.
Once the kids went to bed, Sunshine and I did exactly the same thing on Saturday night that we did on Friday night: PARTY!!! Well...not exactly.


The kids were slightly excited to get up and have at 'er on Easter morning. I'm actually impressed that we got them to wait this long before they tore into everything...
This was the loot that the Easter Bunny left for them. Yeah...they were pretty happy. It was like a cross between Christmas and Halloween. Sunshine put this all together and really...how awesome is she???
Ankle Biter absolutely LOVES "Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus", so Sunshine thought it was a good idea to buy him another book in the series. She couldn't have been more right. And I can't wait until the next night that he stays over so I can read the book to him. I just might have to pick up the rest of the series. He LOVES these books!!


Because the girls were going to their dad's for the "2nd half" of Easter, Ankle Biter and I had to leave at noon to go back home. 'Twas all good, though...as we got one last pic with all of them together smiling and looking at the camera at the same time!!
I love that my son is as silly as I am.
So was everything good? Did we end up having a good time in the end?
Well of COURSE we ended up having a good time! Listen...every couple has stumbling blocks that they need to work on. I've got some things that I need to address (I'll talk more about it tomorrow), but at the end of the day we are MADLY in love and we'll both do whatever it takes to make this work.

Hope everybody had a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Pictures

  1. Ya’ll are too damn cute.

    And those kids?! They already look like they’re related! I could squeeze that Ankle Biter. Sheesh I have a weakness for little boys.

    Also, thanks for giving props to Sunshine for cooking. When I cook for our “family”, after cooking for me and my daughters, I’m in the kitchen for hours! Those boys eat WAY more food than we do! 🙂

    Looks like a fun time. Glad to see you’re both willing to discuss, compromise, talk and love your way through things. It’s very nice to have a willing partner to work with.


  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post…the pictures are awesome and I always love your commentary. I too love that picture of the four of them walking along in a row. Just perfect. And I am glad you two are working hard as ever to keep things as good as they are between you. You are too damn perfect for each other. Just sayin. And a super cute couple too!

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