Sick day movies, dancing Vader, thunderstorms in April, and the toothache from hell

1. I ended up going home sick from work yesterday afternoon because of a toothache.  I know…doesn’t sound like much, right?  Well, my tooth is chipped and possibly abscessed (I’m a horrific procrastinator and I hate the dentist) and the pain was so intense that I couldn’t type or concentrate on anything that I was doing. I almost got physically sick on more than one occasion.  I immediately contacted the dentist and have an appointment set for tomorrow morning. I know the tooth will need to be pulled (the chip is too big to be fixed, I think) so the whole thing is gonna suck. Hard.  Bah…I’ve had great teeth my entire life without a cavity at all, then all of a sudden I need my two wisdom teeth pulled (that was a few years ago) and now this.

2. While home I watched a couple of movies yesterday afternoon.  One of them was Tron Legacy.  Now, I watched the first Tron only last year and thought it was okay for when it was released. The problem was the concept of these computer programs actually being little people…but again, for when it was released (1981, I think) it was quite original and unique.  Tron Legacy was visually stunning, but I still had a really difficult time believing that somehow this guy had turned computer programs into little people running around.  It just seemed extremely odd to me. So in the end I liked it, but I didn’t love it. At least it had Olivia Wilde in it.

I also ended up watching Gulliver’s Travels with Jack Black.  Wow…what a giant bowl of suck this turned out to be.  I mean, the story was ridiculous (did you know that in Gulliver’s Travels that one of the little people builds a robot to fight against Gulliver??) and the acting was absolutely atrocious. I was hoping that the reviews for the movie were just a little harsh, but that wasn’t the case.  So I guess if you go into this movie expecting it to be REALLY BAD, you won’t be disappointed.

3. Over the weekend, I introduced Ankle Biter to something on YouTube that I had seen awhile ago but had forgotten all about.  Y’see, every year at the Disney MGM theme park in Orlando, FL they have something called a “Star Wars Weekend“.  I’ve never visited during this time (though I’d LOVE to) so I can’t give out details on what to expect, but one of the fun things they do is a “contest” called Dance Off With The Star Wars Stars.

Apparently this has been going on since 2007 where people dress up as characters from Star Wars and then they dance.  Makes total sense, right?  Well…I won’t lie and say that it wasn’t entertaining to see Darth Vader bust a frickin’ move to U Can’t Touch This:

I also can’t lie and say that I really think Vader should have won THIS one, too…but the stormtrooper TOTALLY stole the show:

Needless to say, Ankle Biter was thrilled with this stuff (here is 2007 and 2008) and we watched these repeatedly all weekend.  If anybody knows if there is a way to download YouTube videos so I could have them at my disposal, I’d be greatly appreciative.

4. Now I don’t know about you, but up here in the Great White North we usually get a lot of rain in April.  That whole “April showers brings May flowers” stuff.  And admittedly, it warms up a bit to the point you know it’s springtime.  Last night, though, we had a crazy thunder and lightning storm. If you live in the southern half of the United States, maybe it’s not uncommon to have lightning lighting up the night sky in April…but up here?  It’s definitely rare.  What was even more rare was the fact that it wasn’t even that warm…11 degrees Celsius (52 degrees Fahrenheit).  I didn’t even know it was possible for thunder and lightning to be created with temperatures that low.

It was pretty awesome even though it didn’t last very long (that’s what SHE said….heh).



10 thoughts on “Sick day movies, dancing Vader, thunderstorms in April, and the toothache from hell

  1. <–just heard about this site this weekend and it was so weird because in the past few days many people have been asking how to download videos from youtube! (Oh and I heard it doesn't work with porn. Ya know, in case you're wondering. 😉

    I am TOTALLY going to show my kids the Star Wars dance off videos. That is greatness!

    I hope your tooth feels better soon. Next time, try being PROactive. Just a suggestion. 😉


  2. ugh toothpain! Feel better. I want a sick day where I just lounge around all day. Amazing that we don’t actually do that on days off from work. Guess life takes over, huh? 😉

  3. Yikes, I had a long weekend in January waiting for an emergency root canal. I feel your pain. Not fun.

    I didn’t get Tron Legacy either, it looked awesome but the plot just didn’t click with me. I’m getting pickier in my old age though, I probably would have loved this 10 years ago.

    Loved the “Go Chewie” chants on the first video. I think if you install Real Player you can download videos from YouTube but don’t quote me on that. If I was on my home computer right now I’d verify for you. If I can remember when I get home I’ll check.

    1. I don’t even know if I would have liked this more when I was younger. I mean, I didn’t really love the first Tron, either. I think if you look at something like…say…Matrix, you can say that it was a full-on special effects movie but it also had a storyline that was believable. I guess that’s what was missing from Tron Legacy for me…any semblance of a believability factor, regardless of how good the special effects were.

      1. Very true. I have to agree the Matrix had it all, at least the first one. The second and third were major disappointments for me.

        I forgot all about checking the Realplayer thing. Glad T’s suggestion worked out for you.

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