Fun Times

Every single evening on board our Carnival cruise ship the room steward would come into our room, create a “towel animal”, and then leave a “Fun Times” newsletter that would describe events taking place the next day.

I thought I had packed them and somehow they got lost. Turns out Sunshine had packed them in her suitcase, so I picked them up on my last visit so I could scan them once I got home.

Anyway, here is what we would read every evening…

This was the cover of the "Fun Times" we received on the first night.
This was the first page of the "Fun Times". On the left every day was the "Top Ten" items that Carnival would recommend for the following day. And this truly was a mixture of something for everybody. On the right was the "Get Your Groove On" section, which always described the musical choices for the day (the cruise was very musical in nature). Below that was the "Hit The Jackpot" section, which would discuss what was going on at the ship's casino (blackjack tournaments, how to get free drinks, etc).
The second page always highlighted two "main shows" that were taking place the next day. Every night there was a live show, which was usually a musical of some sort. They described these shows as "Vegas style", which meant song and dance with women in thongs (don't ask me why). On this particular newsletter, you can see that there was a "comedy club" on board. Basically, they turned one of the larger cabaret rooms into a "club". But the cool thing on this cruise was that TWICE they brought on TWO comedians to do multiple shows (both "family style" and "adult style"). It was quite impressive, actually. And you can see below that they highlighted things to do the next day ("Plan On It" would mention excursions or other things you had to pay extra for..."Shop To It" would highlight specials and discounts).
This was almost a mandatory section of the "Fun Times". It was an itinerary of the entire day, that was on a smaller part that was easily torn off so you could keep it in your pocket for the rest of the day. I'll tell you...this thing was GOLD because there was always something going on and the only way to really keep track of it was through this.
This didn't change too much day-to-day, but this was the flip-side of the day's agenda. You want to know what style of food is on the buffet? This gives you the answer. Forget if it's a casual dining night or a dress dining night? This helps you out. Want to know if the sushi bar is open? Yeah...the info was always available here.
This was the back of the newsletter and I don't think it changed from day to day. As you can tell, it gave basic FYI information that was really handy to know.

There are a ton of other things that I didn’t scan…descriptions of what to do in each port and shopping specials on jewellery and the like. If anybody is interested, maybe I’ll scan those, too.

So the answer is “NO”…I’m not over the cruise yet. I wish Sunshine and I were still there. In the meantime, we’ll just have to make the most of every minute we’ve got together and try to make it an experience worth remembering.


One thought on “Fun Times

  1. That’s the sign of a fantastic vacation. I would say my trip to wine country last October was the trip of a lifetime for me, one I won’t forget and one I still talk about, almost daily. The best vacations are those we still talk about right??

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