Holdin’ hands and skimmin’ stones


Y’know, one of the things that I thought I did when packing to come home was keep all of the “Fun Times” info that was left in our room every evening that described the events that would take place the next day.

Apparently I didn’t pack them.  I wish I knew where they were, though…I’d scan ’em and let you see what we saw.

Anyway, this was our first day at sea as we were traveling from Nassau down to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Luckily for us it was a gorgeous day outside and so we all decided to hit the deck for some sun during the morning.

I’d love to post a pic of Sunshine in her bikini because, quite frankly, I think she looked phenomenal.  However, I think she’d disapprove of said photo so I’ll just keep that tasty morsel for myself.

Lido Deck...mid-morning

So we hit the Lido Deck (deck nine, for those keeping score at home) and lay out in the sun.  I was watching CNN for awhile on the big screen before they changed it to underwater videos of fish swimming around while music played in the background. It was really quite relaxing.

And of course there are a couple of pics that I can show you…

That's all you're gettin', kids...the rest is for my eyes only!
With the sun behind me, I was ready to make sure my huge chrome-dome didn't get burnt.

This is where the “Fun Times” would come in handy, because I really can’t remember a lot of what we did that day.  I’m sure we took a nap in the afternoon…I’m sure we participated in some kind of game or trivia contest that we totally rocked at…I’m sure we had a perfectly good dinner…I’m sure that Sunshine looked absolutely FABULOUS that evening…

Oh wait…I’ve got photographic proof of that one!

Who's lookin' fabu? YOU ARE, BABY!!

Oh that’s right, peeps…this girl is ALL MINE!!

I couldn't help it. It was a revealing top and Sunshine was lookin' F-I-N-E that night.

Unless I’m mistaken, this particular evening would culminate with us at karaoke again.  There was a slight difference this time, though, as my dad and brother tagged along for the ride (I think…it’s foggy).  So I was up on stage totally rockin’ the stylistic musical kick-ass beats of one Mr. Vanilla Ice, Mr. Neil Diamond, and Sir Mix-A-Lot (though to be fair, those were all sung over the course of two separate nights) and then I realized that this very evening were going to be auditions.

Auditions for what, you ask?  Auditions for an actual live performance for the rest of the ship on the last night of the cruise.  It wouldn’t be karaoke…it would be you dressed like a “musical legend” and having to sing (without the words) a pre-determined song by that particular artist (i.e. “musical legend”).

With me so far?  Good.

I'm sure this pic was taken immediately after looking down Sunshine's shirt...hence my reaction.

There were a few artists to choose from.  The guys could choose from James Brown, Elton John, Garth Brooks, Ricky Martin, Elvis Presley, or Frank Sinatra.  The ladies could choose from Aretha Franklin, Madonna, Britney Spears, or Gloria Estefan. Not a great selection, mind you…but certainly a selection I could find at least one song to sing from.

So I went up and noticed that people had their names down for Garth, Frank, Elvis, and Elton.  I didn’t think I was a good enough singer to beat out some of the competition so I looked at doing either James Brown (yeah…as if that would’ve worked) or Ricky Martin (eesh). Suddenly, a guy removed his name from the Elton sheet because he was comfortable with his name on the Frank Sinatra sheet.  I immediately wrote my name down without really thinking about it.

I auditioned by singing “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting” and got a spot in the show by default because nobody else signed-up. Then I realized that I would have to sing a song I didn’t really like and didn’t know the words to: “Crocodile Rock“.


Needless to say, there will be MUCH more to this story later when I talk about the performance itself.  Let’s just say that it was quite the event.

And that really summed-up our day at sea.  A little bit of this…a little bit of that…and an end to the day with yet another towel animal.

Okay...this is a frog or a crab or another vagina with sunglasses. YOU make the call!!

See you Monday when we’ll be visiting St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands!  Until then, have a great weekend everybody!


7 thoughts on “Holdin’ hands and skimmin’ stones

  1. Hot stuff Sunshine! She’s a great woman, you got there, CBG 😉 As if you didn’t know that already! Love reading this story unfold of your trip!

  2. Here is a helpful hint for the next time – I’m pretty sure from the sounds of this trip so far that there will be a next time – anyway… every day when I wake up in the morning, I always take a picture of the cover of the newsletter 1st thing. That way when I get home and am sorting through the 100’s of photos I took, the picture of newsletter breaks up the day, reminds me of where they were taken etc.

    1. Definitely a suggestion I’ll follow because yes, there will absolutely be a “next time”.

      Apparently, though, Sunshine has all of the “Fun Times” at her place (although I thought I packed them into MY stuff). So at least we’ve still got them…which is good.

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