Welcome to Miami…eventually


Well…the initial plans on “Day One” didn’t quite work out as we had planned.

The happy couple at 2:30am

Sunshine and I got up at 2:30am and, after picking up my dad and my little brother at their hotel, arrived at Halifax airport at 4:00am. It turned out that the previous night’s Delta flight into Halifax had been canceled because of dense fog.  What that meant is that there wasn’t any plane around in the morning (Delta doesn’t run much into the area) and the flight to New York’s JFK airport was canceled.

Sunshine did NOT like the 3-hour wait.

We waited THREE HOURS before even getting a chance to talk to one of the two ladies working the counter. The problem was that there were large families ahead of us who needed to catch flights and connections…so you can imagine the re-working these ladies had to do in order to accommodate these last minute changes during one of the busiest months of the year (one family of six had to be re-routed together all the way to Australia…yikes!!).

Once we finally got to talk to somebody, they hooked us up with a flight to Boston…then Memphis…then Miami.  The only problem was that we were stuck in Boston for SEVEN hours and weren’t able to get into Miami until almost 11pm, basically nullifying our first day of vacation.


But we didn’t really care, to be honest…we just wanted to get there and where our ship didn’t leave until the next day, all was still good.

Sunshine relaxing at Logan Airport

Once we arrived at Logan airport, we tried to book a standby scenario…Boston to Washington, Washington to Miami. Unfortunately that one didn’t work out.  Then we tried Boston to Atlanta, Atlanta to Miami.  Unfortunately, that one didn’t  pan out, either.  So we ended up there seven hours and didn’t get into our Miami hotel until almost midnight.

After a long, stressful day we almost immediately fell asleep. It was a good thing, too, because we got up first thing on Sunday morning and went outside to realize that we were staying in a beautiful hotel…

This is what we saw first thing in the morning after we woke up in Miami. Ummm..."WINNING!!"
The lobby/bar area of Miami Hilton
I loved taking this picture of Sunshine. I really thought the sunlight and the water just brought that extra sparkle out of her.
This was the entrance to a walkway which led to a beautiful gazebo situated on the edge of the lake that surrounded the property.
This was the gazebo that was built specifically to show off the beautiful surroundings outside of the hotel. Trust me...the view was truly magnificent.
This was the view of the Miami Airport Hilton from the gazebo. I can barely believe that we were actually there only a week ago.

I’ll call this an end to Day One of our vacation because, quite frankly, the real Day Two didn’t take place until we boarded our ship.

To be continued tomorrow…


12 thoughts on “Welcome to Miami…eventually

  1. I loved this post! The pictures were perfect, as were the descriptions. To be frank, I am usually bored silly with other people’s vacation posts….not this one tho!

    I think I just really wanted you guys to have fun…and it appears that you did! And that hotel view….WOW…:*) Winning for sure!

    Looking forward to reading day 2.

  2. looks like you two had an OH SO LOVELY little trip!
    I love love loveeeeee FLORIDA in general.
    Just got back myself….not from Miami unfortunately but the weather in Sea Side was FANTASTIC!

    Cute blog.

    I am new here on wordpress, coming from blogger!
    It’s such change, and Im having trouble adjusting!
    If you could spread the word about my new blog that would be fantastic:)



  3. That picture of Sunshine at the fountain was beautiful! Looks like the vacation had a rough start but was worth it after that!


  4. Dudes. You guys are good looking. I mean, Sunshine moreso than you, but you know this I’m sure. 😉

    Honestly this is a great post. Makes me wish I posted pictures of myself! LOL

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