Slowly Returning To Normal

As many of you know, it’s been a rough few weeks for me and my family. The problem I’m finding is that I haven’t really felt up to blogging nearly as much as I normally do.

Now, that’s not to say that I’m quitting or anything…I’ve still got a passion for writing and I this blog has been therapeutic for me on more than one occasion.  I’m just trying to get back to a place where writing can flow from me again.

I’m sleeping a bit better, though I find myself still waking up around 5am thinking of mom every other day. I can talk about mom’s passing without breaking down in tears, though I can’t find the time to send out all of the ‘thank you’ cards to everybody that donated to charity on mom’s behalf. I can look at pictures of mom and smile, yet I can’t seem to sit down and truly think about her because it’s still too painful when I realize that she’s actually gone.

So I’m slowly returning to normal. My dad?  He’s still having an extremely difficult time so I’m going to do whatever I can to help him through the grieving process. He has told me stories of despair and he has told me stories of hope, even so much as to mention that he’d like to help me raise funds for my Relay for Life efforts in mom’s name.

I appreciate those of you who continue to read the blog as I throw out sporadic posts.  I’m hoping to get back onto a regular schedule sooner rather than later.


5 thoughts on “Slowly Returning To Normal

  1. You’re allowed as much as time as you need, to blog, to not blog, whatever need. We’re all here reading and supporting, no worries about that! Glad you are slowing climbing back to somewhat normalcy, though I know it will take time.

  2. Take your time. The more you go “with the flow” of grieving, the easier it will be later. Being there for your dad will help both of you. (And we know Sunshine has YOUR back!) We’re all thinking of all of you!

  3. Sweetie, we’re not going anywhere. Friends don’t go away just because you’re quiet.

    You’ll be back to some sort of normal in time. Until then, we’ll send love and good wishes to you and your family.

  4. I would be worried if you WERE blogging lots at this point in your life.
    Losing your mother is a huge loss and I hope you will
    really take time the time to just be with your family and your own self.
    Nothing is more important than that,nothing.

    When I suffered a huge loss I found a few months later it really hit me-the first few months were more
    of mind numbing shock and going through the motions of life.

    For me,seeking a counsellor to talk through my grief
    a few months later really was cathartic.Sometimes we need to unburden ourselves to someone who is not so close to the situation.

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