A Welcome Diversion

The past month has pretty much been hellish to live through…and really, I say that knowing that what I’ve gone through isn’t nearly as much as what my parents have gone through.

I have trouble sleeping.  I’m not feeling well at all…sore throat, sneezing, & coughing (still…after almost a month). I just feel miserable a lot of the time.

Yesterday I ended up getting a boost in the arm that I really needed. A friend from work (I’ve mentioned the guy before…heh) came over and said that he had an extra ticket to a concert and wondered if I wanted to go.

I asked him how it all came about.  Well…last Thursday we had a snowstorm and the concert ended up getting cancelled.  It was immediately rescheduled for last night and his wife couldn’t go…so he asked me.

I had already wanted to go to the concert but just couldn’t justify the cost…but for free, I was absolutely ready to check out one of the greatest all-time Canadian bands: LOVERBOY!!

Some people may scoff at them (ahem…Random…), but they put on one hell of a show.

Actually, let me rephrase that.  They sounded fantastic.  Mike Reno still has the “chops” and the band still sounded tight after years of playing together (still the original line-up, too!).  The only thing was that they didn’t move around too much.

Hell…Mike Reno looked like he was stoned or drunk or just plain “odd”.  I couldn’t figure out which category he fell into, but he sounded great.  This live video from last year is pretty much exactly what he was like last night:

So believe me when I say that last night was a VERY welcome diversion for me. With mom’s operation taking place on Friday, this couldn’t really have come at a better time for me.

Now hopefully I can keep this positive energy with me for the rest of the week.


2 thoughts on “A Welcome Diversion

  1. Distractions are good! Glad you were able to get away.

    Thinking of you. You should definitely do what you can to stay healthy. You know your mom doesn’t want YOU to feel bad too.


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