Damn You, Winter!!

Today the weather channel is forecasting a very large snowstorm to hit my city.  How large?  Up to 30cms (12+ inches) of snow. Mind you, the weather forecast has changed back and forth all week…but it’s changed from 15cm to 40cm and back to 20cm.  It’s all over the place.  Bottom line is that we’re gonna get hammered with some snow.

It sucks because this weekend is supposed to be one where make my 3-hour trip to see the love of my life.  So guess who is nervous about the possibility of my weekend trip to see Sunshine being canceled because of a snowstorm?

Yeah…this happy couple.

It’s one of those things where we’ll just have to play it by ear, y’know? I  mean, I’ll drive through snow to see my woman any day of the week, but a blizzard?  It’s a matter of safety and definitely one of the drawbacks of being in a long-distance relationship.

And what’s worse for me is that I was hoping to visit my mom in the hospital, too…so it’s like a double-whammy if the weather prevents this trip from taking place.

I guess this is kind of a cliffhanger of sorts since you won’t know if I actually made it or not.  Well…you’ll know if you follow me on Twitter.  I promise to give updates for anybody interested.

You can follow me here: Twitter/CanadianBaldGuy

Okay…now with my cheap Twitter plug out of the way…I’m 99% certain I’ll just leave on Saturday morning after the storm has ended.  Will it suck to lose out on half a day?  Absolutely.  Should I call off the entire trip because of it?  Hell no.  I can’t wait to see my mom and especially my baby…the woman who believes in me and never fails to be there when I need her the most.

I can only hope that she’ll let me be there for her in the same way when she needs me.


2 thoughts on “Damn You, Winter!!

  1. Damn that snow!! I totally hear you, we’re getting hammered with snow here as well. I’m so over it. Good luck with the drive and hopefully your trip isn’t cut short to see Sunshine or your mom!

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