A Reason To Smile

After the week I’ve just had, I was looking for a reason to smile.  Thankfully, Sunshine was that reason.

I traveled through a snowstorm on Friday night (well…in all honesty…it was only a snowstorm for half of the trip) and she had an amazing pasta meal prepared for me.

We slept in on Saturday morning and eventually picked up some groceries.  We then went to visit my mom in the hospital and met-up with my dad there.  It really was a good visit because mom was talking and alert and just seemed better than she has in weeks.

After the visit we head out on the road to go back to my home city.  My annual work “post-holiday winter event” was Saturday night (y’know…the one where I perform ‘Baby Got Back‘ at karaoke every year?) and we both have had a good time the previous two times we went.

Well…we had a blast together.

We went shopping on Sunday morning and had a pretty deep discussion during the afternoon before she left.  She’s helping me bring a lot of buried feelings and issues to the surface so I can try to work through them.

So from Friday night to Sunday night before she left, Sunshine had me smiling and so blissfully in love that it felt like a dream.  I know…corny, right? But something that she said to me on Saturday night (when we were listening to a rock band at my work event) really made me smile.

“Y’know…no matter what happens with us down the road, I’m always going to be grateful that you entered my life.”

And I feel the exact same way.  Obviously we want to spend the rest of our lives together, but on the off-chance that something happens where we end up apart, I will never, ever feel like the time we spent together was wasted in any way.

She has changed my life in so many ways.  She has helped me feel loved in a way I didn’t think was possible…and didn’t think I deserved.  During a time where I just feel like I’m going through the motions of life, she’s that spark of excitement that makes me feel that life is actually an adventure.

At a time when I feel like I’m surrounded by a dark cloud, she’s my ray of sunshine and my reason to smile.


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