The Triumph of Ted Williams

Ted Williams

Wednesday morning I was going ahead with my normal routine…tell Sunshine “Good morning beautiful” via email, check my Google Reader, and see what is going on with my friends on Facebook.

A local DJ that I’m friends with had posted a YouTube link that caught my eye.  I watched it and was absolutely blown away.  Here was a homeless man holding a sign saying that he used to be a DJ who fell on some hard times.  He looked the part of a homeless man until the person operating the camera asked him to “work for his dollar”.


If you haven’t seen this video yet (and I’d be surprised if you haven’t), then you absolutely NEED to check this out (it’s now copyrighted by the original source so it’s not on YouTube anymore).

Golden Homeless Voice

I immediately went to the YouTube host web page and noticed that there were two updates noted…one of them stating that he was going to be interviewed on a radio show the following day.

So as my day went on, the views on that video climbed to well over SEVEN MILLION. Then I read that his interview on the radio station had gone exceedingly well for him (including some job offers), and that put a smile on my face.  The video made him appear to be a genuine guy who wanted to make good on a second chance so I was happy for him.

Then on my Google Reader I noticed a story posted from ESPN.  Unbelievably, the Cleveland Cavaliers actually offered him a job!


I went home and had supper with Ankle Biter.  Once I dropped him off at his mom’s I went back to YouTube to see if there were any updates.  I saw that Ted’s radio interview had been posted and, in fact, he had been bombarded by a TON of job offers!

I write about Ted Williams not just because it’s a nice “feel good story”.  I write about Ted Williams not just because he’s apparently been EVERYWHERE in the past 48 hours.  I write about Ted Williams because it truly is an inspirational tale.  Here is a man who made mistakes in his life…enough to end up on the street homeless.  He hit rock bottom and vowed to change his life around.

Two years of sobriety later and then, out of the blue, his entire life is indeed turned around in a very positive way. His turn-around was rewarded with a pretty cool appearance on the Today Show:

Ted introduces the Today Show.

Ted is interviewed by Matt and Meredith.

Is it fate?  Is it a miracle? Is it karma?  Is it simply good luck?

Whatever it is, it’s a story that gives me hope.  No matter how down I may be feeling…no matter how bad my life and its surroundings may appear to be…it can all change for the better in the blink of an eye.  I know it’s a complete turn-around from my feelings from yesterday, but it’s just something I have to believe.

Ted sees his mother for the first time in 20 years.

I just HAVE to believe that the good in life can happen as easily as the bad.

I just have to.


5 thoughts on “The Triumph of Ted Williams

  1. That’s what I love about life. You never know what’s coming next. It’s that whole idea that there’s a grand plan there that we often don’t know about. If this man had never ended up homeless in the first place, perhaps he never would have gotten his big break. I read somewhere once that when things are going badly it just means that it’s still in progress. 🙂

  2. Dude I about fell out of my chair when that dude drove up and asked him to work for his dollar! THAT VOICE … INCREDIBLE! I was so happy for him, it definitely is the kind of story that warms your heart. 🙂

  3. I KNOW! I loved hearing his voice too. It was almost… surreal how great he sounded! I’m so excited for him too. He seemed so genuine.

    I’ve learned that the brain cannot wrap around the idea that life will be any better or different than it was or than it is right now. This is why we have a difficult time remembering the impermanence of things.

    Life, indeed, could change in an instant.


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