Movin’ In!!

Well…as of last Friday I am officially a new house owner.  I’m tired…I’m still unpacking…I’m completely unorganized and living out of my suitcase and plastic bags full of clothes…but y’know what?  I wouldn’t change it for anything (except to have Sunshine moving in with me…but that’s a whole other blog post for another day).

So as requested last week, here’s my moving experience (thus far) in pictures…

I really like my new kitchen, even if I'm currently stuck with my NOT so new oven/stove. Still, it's a pretty decent kitchen that I might actually spend some time in (perhaps).
Well...the kitchen certainly needed work once everything got unloaded off of the truck.
I'm not a big fan of the lime green walls (and I'm not sure if the window is sealed properly to be able to handle the moisture in the shower), but Sunshine seems to like the color so maybe I'll keep it.
It's funny how "checkerboard" my hallway turned out with this picture.'s not this noticeable in regular light.
This is a new shed that's big enough to store my lawn mower and my snowblower, in addition to some Christmas decorations that won't be up this year. I also like my back yard because it's green, it's small, and it's fenced in so I don't have to worry about my son running off.
This patio / back deck was just built last year. It's a pretty good size, it's solid, and it's definitely something I can see myself spending time on during the summer months.
This is Ankle Biter's room after the moving trailer was unloaded. Not much to look at, but I think there's a lot I can do with it.
This is the spare bedroom upstairs, which will probably become an office as the internet connection filters through here. During the unpacking process, this became the room where everything got dumped. This picture is actually HALF of what it eventually looked like.
While not a huge fan of the burgundy walls, the color began to grow on me a bit as the weekend wore on. It's going to take awhile before I have this room designed to truly look and feel like "me", but I think there's a lot of potential.
I woke up on Saturday morning to find this outside my front window. Nobody got hurt...just some kid who normally takes that corner waaaaay too quickly (at least that's what my neighbor told me). Still...quite the sight to see on my first morning in the house.
After a lot of work, this is how Ankle Biter's room turned out.
I plan on putting something on the walls to make it feel more comfortable for him, but when he stayed overnight on Sunday he seemed to like his new room quite a bit...and that made me pretty happy.

So you have to keep in mind that I’ve also got a 2-room basement apartment downstairs and my washer/dryer in the basement, as well.  I didn’t take pictures of those because, quite frankly, I didn’t do anything to them.

It’s gonna take awhile before this house truly feels like it’s MINE, but I have a feeling that once I’m done I’ll be quite a happy home owner.


5 thoughts on “Movin’ In!!

  1. Wow!! I LOVE the house!! It’s so cute and I actually love all the colors, bathroom too. My old house had a window in the bathroom and though it was sealed, the windowsill got moldy, fast. Was stupid to have it in there anyway and when we redid the bathroom, out it came, but yours looks a little higher than mine, so hopefully it won’t be a problem! Congrats again!

  2. So okay, I’d say those walls are a bit more cranberry than burgundy … but you know what?

    A house becomes a home when you love it. 🙂 I hope that you do!

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