The Blogger’s Roadblock

Most of us bloggers initially started writing because we had something to say (well…duh!).  Most of us “single parent bloggers” started writing because we were unhappy with out lives in some way or simply wanted someone to talk to…unidentified, unknowing, unjudging…almost like a combination of wanting to write a diary and a need to find others like it so we can not feel like we’re alone anymore.

So what happens if you find happiness?

It’s funny…I’ve read a lot of blogs over the past couple of years that have drifted off into the abyss or have completely changed their direction simply because they weren’t single anymore and weren’t unhappy.  As you can probably imagine, a single parent has a LOT more time to blog when the kids are asleep and they’re home alone.

There are times when I hit a block…unable to click my fingers or my laptop in a way that satisfies me creatively.  And after two years of writing, I feel obligated to write something every weekday (whether that feeling is justified by my reader stats or not).

I’m not unhappy in my life anymore.  Well…at least for the most part.  Sure, life isn’t perfect…but writing has helped me become a better person. The way I see the world is through much different eyes now than it was just a few short years ago.

Thankfully, I’ve never backed myself into a corner by saying that this blog is only about being a single parent.  It’s not called “Single Dad Bald Guy” for a reason.  I mean don’t get me wrong…being a single parent is a HUGE part of my life.  But if I do happen to stumble across a writer’s roadblock, I can just write about a movie or the latest TV show that I’m into.

There have been a lot of single mom writers who we’ve “lost” over the last year or two and that’s depressing…but it’s not necessarily a bad thing for them.  They’re happy, no longer single, and simply don’t have that need or urge to write about their trials and tribulations anymore.  What you have to keep in mind is that sometimes life just gets in the way.

“Real life” is the blogger’s biggest roadblock, even though it’s the initial reason for blogging.  Who would’ve thunk it?


6 thoughts on “The Blogger’s Roadblock

  1. So true!! (And that’s another reason why I didn’t say “single mom” in my blog title either.) My blog wasn’t necessarily about my life as a single mom. I’ve been journaling since I was 7 and I just wanted to continue doing that. It does help me process things and find happiness, as you write here.

    I, too, am sad about those we’ve lost in the blogosphere. But I’m happy for those who’ve stopped writing because real life made them happy and took away the need to connect with us strangers in the blogosphere. 😉

    Love you, CBG. Don’t you EVER go away!

  2. I agree. I’ve been blogging for seven years. I blog so much less now because I am happy and I’m not single and don’t have as much time. And I don’t have near as much to bitch about 😉

  3. Totally know what you mean!! And I’ve written about this too recently, when you are happy, there *is* less to blog about! How ironic 😉 I’m kind of struggling with the same thing. What to write about…people *will* get sick of me writing about happiness and love and romance all the time 😉

  4. I wish I still had my blog, there are a lot of things I’d love to write about still – unfortunately I have no time.
    I even tried installing the wordpress app on my phone and couldn’t keep up. Between the little dude, the big dude, school, work and schlepping across the province constantly I found I just couldn’t keep up. Then the time came to renew my domain and, yet again, I couldn’t find time and eventually it kind of just felt like the moment had passed I guess?
    You know what I mean?

    Maybe I’ll get back to it after things have settled down around here but probably not right away.

    Reading this just makes me want to do it right now though! lol

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