1 Lead Foot = 2 Moving Feet

As I mentioned previously, I’ve decided that every once in awhile  I’ll tell a story from my life that (hopefully) my kids can enjoy some day when they’re older. It could be a funny story, a love story, a coming-of-age story, a morality tale, or even just a bunch of memories about a certain place or person. In the end, they’re just random stories that will ultimately give my kids an idea of who their father was.


I’ve got a lead foot.

I wouldn’t consider myself a super speed racer on the highway or anything, but I have a difficult time maintaining the speed limit.

So it shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that yes…I have received a speeding ticket at least once before in my lifetime.  But my lesson was learned at a pretty young age.

My birthday is in September (and was the month I started driving), so by June of my first year behind the wheel I felt as though I was already Mario Andretti behind the wheel. Of course, I had already received TWO speeding tickets but I was young, dumb, and full of piss & vinegar.

Reality hit me after driving 130kph (81 mph) one day.

After receiving that ticket, I realized that I was now going to lose my license for six months.  I was panicked, my parents were disappointed (story of my life), and my friends could barely contain their laughter.

See…I was the taxi of the group.  I was the one who’d drive to McDonalds during our high school lunch breaks.  I was the one who drove the boys to the mall after school to hit up the arcade (remember those?).  I lived just outside town limits, so my car was vital to maintaining any semblance of a “social life” that I had at 16 years old.

Needless to say, I did a LOT of biking and walking over the following six months.  I hated every single minute of it.

In the years since, I think I’ve gotten one ticket and two warnings…so it hasn’t been too bad, I suppose.  Even now when visiting Sunshine and I’m driving three hours on the highway to see her, I set my car on cruise control at a speed that I don’t think will get me pulled over (so far, so good…heh).

So have I TRULY learned my lesson? Probably not, but I’m definitely glad I lost my license because it really kept one in check during my late teen years, which are the most dangerous years as you are really learning to control the mass of metal and power that you’re sitting in.

Anybody else ever have speeding issues?


2 thoughts on “1 Lead Foot = 2 Moving Feet

  1. Hey CBG, have to ask, is that first pic from Australia? The cop looks like our uniforms and they are driving on the left side of the road (which I may point out – is the “right” side!)

    I’d be stuffed if I lost my license, lucky you learn that lesson early, imagine the inconvenience now! 🙂

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