Home....for now.

After being on the market since February, a legitimate offer was finally made on my house this week.  After a counter-offer was made, the offer was accepted, the financing was approved, and now my house is officially sold!

I had gone through this before in thinking that the house was sold way back in April, but this time the financing is finalized and I’ve got until December 15th to move out and find something new.

The kitchen

This mini-home was brand new when my ex-wife and I moved into it back in February, 2002. From moving in with her to getting engaged with her to getting married with her to having a baby with her to her moving out in March 2007, a lot of memories were created in this home.

The living room/patio door

So now as I look around I think about the memories I’ve made both before and after my ex left. My son has kinda grown up with this as his second home, and it’s gonna be a bit weird to not think of him enjoying the back yard as he grows up…or bicycling around the quiet cul-de-sac without fear of much traffic ever being around.

Ankle Biter's room

I guess I just thought that there was always a possibility that I could find a way to continue living here.

So as exciting as it will be to find something new and start over, it’s still a little weird and I’m having mixed emotions about the whole thing.

CBG's soon to be OLD home.

4 thoughts on “SOLD!!

  1. You’ll find something great, I know it. Congrats! I’ve thought the same things about moving one day. My house isn’t perfect and I don’t intend to stay here forever, but my son has grown up here. It’ll be hard.

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